The Benefit: Playing Video Games

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The mere fact, playing video games is addictive and our parents telling us that it may ruin our studies, our social life and even our future.

But recently, researchers announced that playing video games will make you smarter and healthier. At first, it's just a ridiculous fact and and I didn't believe in the first place. But when I read an article about it, this pushes me to play more. Not being abusive but this really enlightens me a lot.

I'm an obsessed gamer and I always play after my work for 8 straight hours. This has been like a daily routine for me. I know it sounds stupid but I just love playing games and I'm always aware that there will be time I might forget all the important things. I never thought of something that will change my ideation about playing video games.

Thanks for the research. Now I can play video games with no worries.

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