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Since the beginning of film industry, various types of movies have been directed by a number of directors and producers. Comedy, Tragedy, Drama, Action, Suspense and adventure are some of the classifications in the science of movies.

When we see the American film industry, Comedy is one of the ‘big deal’ film sciences directed and released in different times. Comedy is a movie with smiling or something with an abnormal action that can feel us to relax and free ourselves from the day to day encounter we face. What are the basic attributes of a comedy film? I mean can we say a film ‘comedy’ simply because we see that the movie says ‘comedy’ in the directing point of view? I leave this question to you…

In my perspective, I don’t agree that most of the comedy films are not really comedy rather they are a sort of movies without defined movie attribute. If you see some comedy stuff movies, they are not totally in a mood of comedy science rather a bunch of repeated and known system of comedy formulas. For instance, some comedy movies concern only on the side of male-female interaction. Others are concern is clearly step up on the current challenges of the world. Obviously people need something to relax in an odd stuff rather than observing the inverted real problems in a fun stuff but the reality in the comedy film industry is not that much positive.

 Let’s come to the final core point. My attributes that I recommend to classify the real comedy films from the fake ones are listed here as follows:

1. Conceptual-In a sense the movie shouldn’t necessarily stack on the current situations rather should reflect the other bright paths of life stuffs.

2. Odd-Comedy films should be directed in the odd yet real stuffs. In other words the scenes shouldn’t bother on the daily boring activities of human beings.

3. Limited-if the existence of comedy scenes are not in the scope of exceptional perspective, the audience will be bored of what he or she saw.

   As a remarking point, the comedy industry in Hollywood should be revised in such a way that the new era of comedy shall start with a new generative ideas.














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