The Best Christian Singer (MARTY SAMPSON)

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I want to say Thank You so much to you, for all the wonderful song that you've made and sang. Really a gift, I love it all!! It brings me close to God so many time, and I believe other people experience the same too. Until today, i believe that i am among many, which left with curiousity on why you are not with Hillsong anymore. But, whatever you are doing now, may you be fruitful!

This song below, the lyric is so deep and real. I must say that, this song you've made been used to heal my (and i believe many) soul that it brings me to tear out of nowhere, refreshed within and being reminded again on how God is so faithful and full of mercy, a so loving God. Thank you Mr. Sampson, you brought me back to the REAL - matter. You are sincerely missed. God bless!!

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