The Best Christmas Present Ever

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You won't find this Christmas present in the mall,online, or in a gift catalog.

You won't find it nestled under your tree with fancy paper and satin bow.

You won't find commercialism or greed at the center of this gift.

No ornate lights and lawn ornaments as you try to outdo your neighbors in the decorations.

It isn't found in the Christmas feast or in all your relatives coming to have their fill.

It isn't even found in the shining faces of your children as they tear off the wrapping on all those gifts you bought them, maxing out your credit cards to do so.

No, the best Christmas present ever given is much more than mistletoe and holly, figgy pudding, snow, and a cold winter's night.

The best Christmas present ever given was given by God when He came to earth in the form of a baby to prepare the world for the greatest gift we could ever receive - our salvation.

Take time out of all your cooking, shopping, preparations, Christmas programs, and choir rehearsals, and say thanks to God for His present. If it weren't for God's Christmas present to us, we wouldn't have this time of year

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