The Best Cup Noodle Is Now in the Philippines!

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In another blog (link), I told you that the best cup noodle for me is Japanese Nissin Seafood and the reason why it became my favorite. You might ask, "Are you saying this cup noodle is in the Philippines now?" Of course, I do.

However, you can buy it only in some shopping malls! Be cognizant that the price is 100 pesos each, not too much if you have enough extra cash. For those of us who can’t afford it, don’t feel so sad, because we have an alternative.

I just found out lately that one noodle that is manufactured in the Philippines and put in a pouch tastes much like Japanese Nissin Seafood! Anyway, the product is manufactured by the same company.

The noodle that I'm talking about is Nissin's Instant Mami Seafood Flavor. Perhaps you have tried it already, but unless you have eaten the original Nissin Seafood, you won't be able to associate the taste to the original one.

I found this local noodle so delicious. Pair it with bread and you have a perfect snack! If you eat it with rice, you will be much fuller. Although the taste deviates a bit from the original Japanese version, the basic taste is still there. Has anyone of you tried it yet?

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