THE biggest invention of scientist in the shape of electricity

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Electricity is one of the major need for our humanity and we can not lived without it in the modern society.In the ancient time when electricity does not present peoples spend and get heat and energy from the fire.

They use fire for cooking and get heat in the winter night.The peoples who lived in the forest use fire for his protection from dangerous animals.

After a long time when the modern technology arrived the formation of electricity can be possible.In other words we can say that it is the biggest invention of scientist.In the beginning it is produce in very small scale but now a day every thing and machine are work on electricity.

It can be produce by using large amount of water are store in the damps.There are so many advantage of electricity like homes are shine in the night and peoples are work at night like day.Machines which are used in the homes and industries are starts on electricity.

In my view the whole world are work and depend on the base of electricity.And we can not pass one day easily without electricity.So we should used it very careful and turn off the extra things because it is our responsibility.

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