The Biggest Mistake Most Webmasters Make. by John W David

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Webmaster Mistake Number One

The number one difference between people making money on the net from those who do not is webmaster mistake number one.

Those people who do not make any money online spend too much time and effort doing totally low-yield or no-yield activities while wishing and hoping for better results.
The internet allows you to know within days, at worst, just a very few weeks, that an activity will or will not produce a specific result. 

After a reasonable trial period doing whatever you have elected to do, you can surmise that maybe your headers aren't strong enough. Maybe. You can play with these for a while. But, only for a while.

However, still, within just a few days, of playing and tweaking, the result or non-result will be clear. 

Continuing to do that activity, however good you get at doing it, even if you automate it, if it doesn't produce the Results you need to earn a living from that source, stop doing it. 
It will not get any better.
If the systems you use within your traffic generating processes are low yield, you may try improving your systems to better software. 

However, before you do, there still has to be a current yield of some measurable, definable, positive result from the current software.

Remember: one hundred percent improvement on nothing is still nothing.... and, worse if you spent money on software. 
Using an all-too-common example, if your efforts over, say, a three months period have generated $100 total income and you need $100 of income per day, you know simply that your success rate on the volume you are generating is just 1%. 

In other words, you need 100 times your current daily volume to achieve what you need. 

If you have been doing what you are currently doing over that three months or more, clearly something has to change dramatically for the better.
The one really positive, overriding consideration between where you are as a mathematical factor of where you have to be to achieve your dream goals is this: whatever that factor is, it's completely achievable. 

If you are at 1% of your goals needing one hundred times growth, or at 10% needing ten times growth, the right tools and resources exist to do it. The operative word there is 'right'. 

When it finally sinks in and you fully understand that equation and that it is entirely doable and within your reach and your control, then your success path will become clearer. 

When you open up your computer each and every day to go online and seek an income, ask yourself this one simple question: How many new people can I reach today? 

Same old same old and no appreciable results is not a viable answer.
As an example, when we go online each and every day, we begin with our stats for all our sites and those under our care and analyze the heck out of them.
Then, we ask ourselves one overriding question for each site: what can we offer today to at least one million new people to generate a bare minimum of 10 new sales before the end of the day for each of our websites? 

Now, we didn't get there overnight. 

However, we did know this, doing the same thing for too long and generating non-existent or insufficient income was not going to pay our bills. 

Unfortunately, that's where most people stick or quit. And, there's no need. You can do it

Keeping this article short.
* Look closely at what you're doing and how long you've been doing it relative to your results. 

If it's low-yield / no-yield, stop doing it. It will not get any better. 

* Ask yourself, each and every day, How many new people can I reach today? 

Exactly as in real life, a massive number of people have to be aware of your business for you to generate sufficient foot traffic through your store to make enough sales at least to earn a decent living. 

So too, must you be able to reach enough people online daily to generate enough foot traffic through your site.
How many new people you need to reach will be answered by whatever factor between what you have achieved to date and where you need to be to achieve the results you want. It's totally doable whatever the factor. 

Once you learn to ask and answer that question honestly and with purpose each and every day as a daily habit, you will begin to see the bigger picture... how to make a very good living online.

All Success is a Shared Activity 
John W David

P/S, while this is a front-ending web sales strategy, it pays the bills. For most webmasters, this is an essential first step.
Back-ending, up-sells, peripherals as separate strategies can come later.
It's easier to have a longer term strategy when you're not immersed in daily tactics of trying to produce immediate results... as in trying to pay your bills. 

Most webmasters are stuck in the daily tactical effort of trying to get from 'start' to that significant 'first step' in the right direction and ultimate profitability and a whole new lifestyle.  

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