The Biggest Trading Comodity of all Times - Is TIME

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Right so we all know that if we want to attain something, we need to trade for it - in some way or another.

Throughout the ages there has been many forms of trade, starting with basic bartering. This is where people traded certain items in exchange for other items an example of this is where a cabbage farmer would give a chicken farmer 5 cabbages in exchange for a chicken.

This form of trading was modernised by the discovery of gold, and people preferred to attain and trade with gold in stead.

Somewhere over the course of time gold was held by banks, corporate institutions and governments, and people were given little IOU's in the form of money to trade with.

And throughout it all, today more than ever what we are actually trading is our time.

This is quite sad because in todays day and age we trade with our time, either in the form of knowledge, skills or labolifer in order to attain these IOU's of gold aka money to say that we once owned gold in order to buy the things we used to plainly barter for - such as food and supplies as well as other items that will conveniently free up more time for us to trade with. And lets not forget to attain items that we can gift the ones we love with in order to compensate for the time that we could have spent with them - had we not been trying to attain more time...

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