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It was saturday at last week I was going somewhere to my friend's home the time was of morning at 10'o clock.I saw at the other side of the road there was rush of people.It wasn't sightable but I tried to see whats going on where I found number of colourfull birds around there.Many of the birds I have seen for the first time.I thought why not to get the pictures of those birds which are looking beautiful and the most rare here in Pakistan.

So here are some fotos of those birds that I found most blashing and admireable and these are also not common in Pakistan.

This is a couple of Australian Crown Parrots called as the name of Adelaide Rosella.Those are having crowns on the their heads looking beautiful.Its a most common species of birds in Asutralia of cousre lives in the trees.The video is also added with it to have better view of the those birds.

With the video here are some more pictures of the most colourfull parrots.

This species of parrots are called Rainbow Lory

.This couple of Parrot with also the crown on the head is called the African Grey Parrot the most rare species of Parrots.

Those Parrots are Known with the name of Alexanderine Parakeet 

Those Parrots are known as Amazonian Parrotlet and the most beautiful to view with a small beak and with the yellow colour.

This species of parrots named as the Andean Parakeet

This is called the Yellow Ring Parrakeet 

This parrot is known as the White cocakatoo

This is called the African Grey Parrot

Here is the video of those three parrots mentioned before 

Here are some fotos of hens with the hairs on the feets looking beautiful.There were many species of hens so It was very difficult to collect their names.I am sorry for that but Will gather it at some other day.

The name that species of hen is known as the Rosecomb.Brought them some from its Origin that somewhere in Asia,Its hair are very attracting so Igot the picture of it.

This species of hen is called the Black Tailed with Its origin from Japan.

Here is the video of the hens 

Quails were also there of course these were brought somewhere Outside the Country here is the video of it.

The duck chicks were getting fight I am Comming towards them to give them somthing to eat.They were looking awesome here is the video of it.

The pigeons of different Colours and with the hair around their feets like the hens looking beautiful I also capurted their fotos and recorded the video.Here are some of them with fotos and a video.

There were ducks as well

There were the doves cage as well

I throughly enjoyed that show to see the beautiful and the colourfull birds around but the one thing that i don't like is those birds were not free of course it you let them open they are gona fly within no second but If you let them in their place and think that God has awarded us free and  fruitful life without any return.

but the show will be remembered for a long time I hope you also enjoyed .

It wasn't pre-planned even though I got a camera with me and I've able to get the pictures just only for memories.






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