The Birds in CAGE

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In college, I had a professor Lan grade. She was very strict to the strict, so students always hate. Generally speaking learners story is very often taught to hate people who teach hate school but is rare. Almost all teachers said something like this, "Now they hate me but later born children will thank me," but I have never seen any kids yet back to thank her at all. Graduation, job applicants busy, busy lo ingratiate someone or other, busy lo overthrow this kid started to climb the other, long enough to remember who he is nor what chance have time to think of her.

In college, I have learned with other small European names, it ethnic, black trash, hair was dry, red eyes dumb, who say yes or shake well, saying only to tui focused lectures, to book jacket or class graduation photograph small nor comments, who said pay is included, what union activities also sought to evade questions tui school said it already, to the collar to school pitcher also not clean, general under the eyes of a boy lover of beauty is very disturbing. In exchange, she did well, extremely well, end of year awards hugging a stack, throwing hand crossed stylish dress kids often bring it to entertain relieved school.

In college I have become familiar with one other guy, it named Tuan. The boys played well himself. Count this guy is also in the form of bizarre. Friends it is very crowded, where to go and see it is host games, you tell us, dear Tuan, especially you and know dear, no one with you anymore. Listen so thrilled, it also presents the game to tinker Chau, who has no malice, just too crashed out heralded childish thinking that, well, laugh a little, but that's all, no doubt the others responded too, a show more fierce, so it also shows that having the child guilty of this World is just indifferent as not clicked his tongue, never mind, he could not.

One day, he said, I'm lonely too, I ask how lonely, I calculated the kids playing there whom did understand me, I say live on his life was for people to listen and understand difficult for his listeners even more difficult, he said ủa zậy eh, but I saw you on television, in newspapers and read every turn is seen other singers artists write about the letter, said, sentiments, hammer dispel all, those people are more people listen to it, dear, they ừa a celebrity, you're a guy also flies barefoot eyes flashed get anything comparable to them, he shook his head, these guys you go I'm not a guy generally does sit hear me heart situation, they went to tell people they do not know who, where, the grandparents do, sit in front of the house has just tell her to chew rice they called public, they enjoy their talents, rather do not know who they are, people do not care how their truth, they just dare jacket standing on the stage, they have to remove it home, where one little smile sitting on television for 10 hours.

I asked, you told me to do these things, it sure makes me miss small children and pregnant you sir, I shocked the public, is small Zhou. Hear that weaken limbs.

The boy told, you think to go, I'm pretty boys like this, like this black dress size, young age like this, so that value is something like this anyway. That day, I drink in the bar dull, sad life fall took two subjects, with whom did not go because of embarrassment, coincided rather it do more in this shop, I think this little girl is strange, but also bear it engrossing do something in addition to school, even I imagined to make it toilet and took in the book, but think of it, also because of the filth of this life only. Available in slightly drunk man approached me to talk to her, initially override it to me, so I just alcohol and slurred endorsed it. Until the next morning to get up, I'm in a motel room of it, and it is located next to, snoring like thunder. I do not remember anything at all, just know that feeling then it is very horrible. I hid it as hiding debt, but real debt, lucky stars it did not seem to want to talk to me, still intently in class lectures, looking straight across the island to the island only one angle of 30 degrees.

Bang went three months, a few days before it told me to be pregnant, he calculated what the computer data, I'm afraid, hurricane 6 new timidly asked, so there is no break, it's sure great too, doctors do not to break, I'm startled to level 12, why say this hour, she was the daughter ever since menopause should know, how much this one too so naive. Small to slap me, burst into tears and ran away, I did not chase shock too, stood inert out there, I think the first is fear of people know, but with the European eyebrow, can yet it is not ringing loudly as victims, while I'm the guy catch it unconscionable go out.

Then I'm going to ask these guys best friend, just tell me as a child accidentally pregnant and then you, sir, do not tell me, you tell us it says I do not even go out quickly lead it or you just brush it push Your efforts are not finished, I would dare to have children without a father, but, I tell you for me so we borrow less money for it, ten boys, both ten excuses not have money, I tell you I do not default on the Where fear, I will return later. Where kids say I'm afraid you do not have money to pay for me, just as I can not afford severance helplessness you sir, or are you guys lend support A, boy B, the C, the Z something go, I see it has a new car shopping can make money. A guy's turn, boy B, the C, the Z: "Well, it is true that I purchase a new car but I spend on it and then do it all for you borrow there where, I'm still on loan to you hey". I said well, so eh, only you did not have me on, we have not had my eyebrows about, after that day dared not make eye contact me again, hit it too bad to talk to me as before, no longer speak, you and know most dear Tuan dear.

I recommend it, you should be responsible for the European, you do not let your children born no father, not to Guangzhou it suffered estrangement from life, if later it lucky to find out about the guy not okay, but if not you have shattered the lives of these people, then, take the one you missed anyway easier than rabies still get mad with the guy who missed the other. Affair it's not important, it's just live together under one roof, sleep in the same bed, common feeding a child, later found incompatible can still break up, but this time it need you Tuan sir, horrible though it how it is also just a girl, it's more pleasant to touch her hands on it you shall surely also have feelings for you. You're a man, you should be responsible for what he did. It does not meet the bow.

A month after the wedding Tuan Chau news guy, a small ethnic excruciating bad bad blind transmissions quickly skyrocketed, kids reportedly kids it play itself. Tuan He left school to work bricklayer, the European reserves the outcome, stay a year in childbirth, years later saw the pair take to school, still upturned face up, eyes straight ahead, just rolled over to the island in one corner 30 degrees. Even all that sound as if it is normal this story has nothing to it at all. He Tuan, the shame never dare to pick up his wife from school

Banknotes and also to the school day, how new social call, then it is here, I reread these lines actually found it embarrassing, I looked at it, see it, take the treadmill of it before the part of it.

Ten years later meet again, the class meeting, the couple Tuan guy comes, everyone is surprised, because the couple he had never attended any class meeting earlier, Tuan fleshy, balding paunchy, although only about the same beyond 30, the aunt who also clicked his tongue regretfully, oh he's handsome old Tuan, Tuan shook his head hung it slobbering like, do build without slobbering what could be, must bear alone. His wife, ie the World, by contrast, fair, peeled na dished out, oh the eye is called the nose on fresh trees and grass, he surprised some questions to the World, here, you take that kind What you wife Tuan , presented to me with the old wife at home taking child. Tuan has been proud occasion, Chow still upturned face up like the old days, 100% is natural that men and women, sir, not at all aesthetic cutlery you '. Oh, so rich, had money game, one he asked. Zhou smiled, showing off, not hide what the brothers and sisters, Tuan up builders were two years ago, you then have a small business establishments, called also a bit spare.

Tuan asked me, he now do. I said, writing. Tuan asked, What arrays, Economic Well, I shook, the political game, I shook, game or some hot female reporter exposing transnational prostitution? I replied lat mice, game is also, slightly. Tuan laughed, he was good too, do I respect and know, very much to make him right, this waiting period, this approach, ambushed and had to write this so or to persuade others to do so. I blushed, people do not care what it sir. What? Tuan bewildered. In her line is that there is a famous singer, so I have to the apartment she lived photographed, ask neighbors about her, their feelings, stomping chili salt, assemble any When she or her family members appear, then unwind suspicious mass, assuming her past continental playboy ever before ... the public interest there. Journalism is a profession, which has the job must be making money, people want to read something, I write that. Tuan said that eh, then walked away, my eyes it looked different as well, that day I left early.

But I did not go straight home to my home teacher, Professor Lan. She does not realize who I was invited into the home but still conversing. Complementary earlier hurried too I forgot to buy a gift that should seat themselves so crude crude, cruel felt ungainly.

- In the past they have learned her class.

- Lock few anyway, I looked familiar but you do not remember.

- You lock 33. How far is he doing well over ten years. She was okay, sir?

- I'm doing well, there is old, it gets wind is osteoarthritis pain, sometimes sit all day just to squeeze oil.

- She also taught there?

- I retired last year ... Is there something that you come here?

- I just want to confirm one thing.

She looked at me, waiting.

- Why do not you go easy in those days with a little bit for us students it supports her resentment, really a lot of people fail her subjects, are studying where they refused but sometimes just a little tight but she did not rescued, someone leaving school to work 2 years 3 years and still owed by. She said later or graduation then they will thank you, why is that sir?

- Today is probably a very bad day for me, right? - She smiled, took a sip of tea - you know birds in cages is not?

- The birds are irrelevant here, sir? I do not want any more philosophical lesson, life was too tired, I'm also in his 30s then, I just wanna know why?

- In the Tower Vatican City, - she looked straight into my eyes, forcing me sternly to behave more politely - they have 2 types of pigeon feed, a liberal party in the legs flying wildcards the blue wire longer a party locked in a wire cage red symbols, the free flying is very harsh conditions, limited food, meals and more widely separated, we also use more Guoi hose and the children would also stoned them. In contrast the food kept in cages, the excess, they are in the cage with beautiful pavilions, the meals they get food into the trough, they just eat and sleep and rolled cumbersome. The birds outside the nest very jealous of the cage. One observer notes within 4 months, then one day they opened the cage mixed two types of pigeons together, then they rushed out to catch them. And I do not know what happens, the belt pigeons soaring blue sky, perched on high branches look down, even the pigeons red belt obediently motionless for one catch, they accustomed to the cage and chat live on in it not make sense to us at all, but a child of them beat their wings trying to fly but in vain, it is forgotten how to fly. Finally, when the experiment ended all the pigeons red belts were slaughtered. I think I'm somewhere in the cage or outside the cage? - Her voice low, sad - But you see, the fact that I would not change anything, it is after 40 years of teaching I realized, really difficult to break the cage if the birds do not crave freedom.

Then I stood up to greet her leaving, I promised to visit her again.

On the way home I kept thinking forever. The bird in the cage. I am a bird in a cage, but if I wanted to break out of the cage, where I do not know the limits of the cage where?


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