The Bitcoin BnB in Taiwan

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This is Edo him and a few of his friends we work on a project called BITCOIN HOUSE TAIWAN. They took a leap of faith on this project because they believe in bitcoin and want to create a platform for bitcoin enthusiasts living or working in Taiwan. They have several projects.

 -One of them is a shelter for bitcoin people. Its a nice 5 bedroom house with a large office space on the ground floor.  The house is located on a beautiful island called Cijin about a 5 minute ride on a ferry from Kaohsiung harbor or 20 minute scooter ride though an under water tunnel.The island has a nice beach for swimming and surfing.

  They would like to have bitcoiners in the house participating in our projects. People working on the projects will get paid bitcoins. The're initial projects is wifi sharing app through hotspot of a cell phone or larger commercial device in a frequent area where tourists come around. Taiwan has a big advantage as you can purchase bitcoins in over 2000 locations across Taiwan in a chain of convenience stores FAMILY MART, therefore people will be only be able to buy the connection off the app or activate in exchange for bitcoin … etc

Check them, and donate at their website

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