The Bitlanders Film Series to Support Women Empowerment: Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters

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The Bitlanders Film Series to Support Women Empowerment: Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters

Bitlanders have been providing opportunities to write movie reviews for the support of women empowerment. We cannot appreciate women enough and although women are still plagued with discrimination in all spheres of life, its the little things like what the Hollywood movie industry and Bitlanders are encouraging that goes a long way. I never had the opportunity to write a review that has to do with women empowerment until now!  Today, I shall be reviewing the movie Hansel and Gretel: Witch hunters (2013). Although I have been writing movie reviews in the past, I’m going to be critical. 


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Therefore, we shall see Hansel and Gretel movie review in light of the following. The cast, the short story, the content of the movie, the graphics and the works of the actress.

The Cast

Gemma Arterton  as Gretel


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Played the sister to Hansel, together they form the Hansel and Gretel team of witch hunting.

Jeremy Renner  as Hansel

Jeremy Renner played the sibling to Gretel. A brother and sister Witch bounty hunters that are travelling the world killing Witches.

Famke Janssen as Muriel

She plays the role of a grand-dark-witch who has the ability to change her face.

PIHLA Viitala   as  Mina

Mina plays the white-witch who lives in Augsburg.  She later helped Hansel and Gretel in defeating the grand-dark-witch Muriel

  The Short Story

The father of Hansel & Gretel abandoned them deep in the forest one night. They wandered into an old witch’s lair, the witch forced Hansel to the continuous eating of candy while Gretel prepares the oven. The siblings outsmarted the witch and burnt her in the oven. Hansel and Gretel after that night became ruthless witch exterminators for hire. They travelled the world from city to city, killing witches in their path.


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The unexpected incident became a trademark for the siblings. They kept wondering the world killing bad witches until the mayor of Ausgburg contracts them to rescue eleven kidnapped children. The local sheriff of Augsburg was not at all pleased with the witch hunters’ timely appearance to rescue a red-haired, Mina after she was accused of witchcraft and was to be burnt alive.

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The witch hunters siblings with the help of the mayors assistant Jackson captured the Tall witch (Zoe Bell). After interrogating the witch, they uncover the grand witch’s plan. It is a plan of kidnapping 6 boys and 6 girls, each born on a separate month. Muriel came to the police station where the witch was imprisoned and rescued their comrade-Tall Witch.


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Hansel was totally beaten and left hanging on a tree, while Gretel was left unconscious by Muriel. Hansel wakes up to the Mina calling his name. Gretel, after regaining consciousness, went looking for Hansel and was attacked by the local sheriff only to be rescued by Edward ( Derek Mears).  Hansel and Gretel finally reunite in their old house and discovered that their mother was a witch.

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Muriel appears in the house and attacked them, injuring Hansel and left him for dead. Gretel was kidnapped by Muriel and taken down into the forest to be used for the blood-moon-Sabbath.

Hansel yet again wakes up to see Mina and he discovered that he has been healed. Mina reveals to Hansel that she’s a witch. Together they team up for the rescue of Gretel.

The Content of the Movie

Hansel and Gretel: Witch hunters are a dark fantasy action horror comedy film. The director and writer of this epic tale Tommy Wirkola returned after  been among the team that wrote & act Kill Buljo: The Movie  to put a smile on all faces watching Hansel and Gretel which is a German folklore on the big screen.


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Although Hansel and Gretel were based on German folklore story, it does have a nice storyline and action scenes! The movie is not boring at all!

 The Movie Graphics

If there’s one thing I enjoyed in Hansel and Gretel witch hunters is the graphics! Personally, I like the transformation of Muriel, the look of Edward in the movie. It seems that most of the effects of the movie were created using practical effects with a little Computer Generated Imagery (CGI).


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I was fascinated by the costumes of the Witches, the dressing of the siblings. It makes them look smart and ready for action (although sometimes you wonder). It all looks medieval although the year was not revealed and there was no coordination between the way they are dressed, spoke and the kind of weaponry they packed. I must say I was and still am confused. I loved every bit of the movie despite the fact I know others will disagree with me.

For what it’s worth, the visual effect is what I appreciate. The exterior decoration of the witch’s house, the facial appearance of the witches. They all have nice effects.

The Works of the Actress  

The actress Gemma played the character, Gretel… whose role as a grand-white-witch/witch hunter in this epic tale. It is without a doubt, a perfect role.

I hate to break this to you, but this isn’t gonna be an open casket

-Gretel to the Desert Witch

From the movie onset, Gretel has charisma and enthusiasm. She embodied the role with a good performance and facial emotions. The siblings are immune to evil witch’s charms and spells. A most powerful defence the duo has against dark witches.

She proves to be more than capable, resourceful and intuitive even as a child when she uses a nail to free herself from the candy’s Witch lock. As a child, she’s brave and as an adult, we see a smart, cunning, strong and kind woman who knows how to take care of herself in any situation.


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This, therefore, amplified the heroine’s qualities, strength and courage she expressed to make the movie more likeable & action-horror-packed. You have to give a thumbs up for the witch who is also a witch hunter.

However, the facial expression and embodiments of the character Gretel do justice in delivering to the viewers the courage of women. With a performance like that, it’s no surprise; she was not overshadowed by her brother.


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The coolest thing about Hansel and Gretel is the relationship between the siblings (although not fully explored). They are close as friends, partners in Witch hunting and always look out for one another. But I was disappointed as the most important relationship between siblings is fighting all the time! 

Siblings fight all the time, for many reasons. Even so, it baffles me to know that they choose never to speak of the parents. That’s a big question mark.. the scriptwriter here seemed to just go on a permanent recess about what the siblings feel about their parents.

 Is the movie Hansel & Gretel witch hunters any good?

Although the movie was focused speedily on fighting scenes, bloodshed, and trying to stick to the source material which is German folklore, its primary goal was to entertain the audience as quickly as possible. It also portrays violence against women in those times where a single wrong move, a woman is called a witch. The way Gretel was treated by the sheriff shows that women were disrespected and regarded as trash and whores whose business lies in the kitchen and making children. Gretel having a voice was alien so the hate was amplified.


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 Thus, this begs the question. How is the relationship between the siblings? They spent so much time together fighting Witches; they never had a cordial relationship. They only know how to hunt and kill witches. For me, the movie is one fine movie regardless of all the negative reviews.

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On A Final Note

Hansel and Gretel present us with a beautiful folklore tale of two siblings who are determined to make the world better by the extermination of Witches. It is a story of fighting for what is right and standing tall in the face of danger.

It is a very sensitive story. They have always believed that witches are evil and bad but later finding out there are also good Witches. And they might also fall into the same category. it's, not all bad as they took on an apprentice and a troll. Life could be a lot worse!

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