The Bitlanders Film Series to Support Women Empowerment: Lucy Movie Review

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The Bitlanders Film Series to Support Women Empowerment: Lucy Movie Review

The human brain is a supercomputer. Have you ever wondered about the capabilities of the human brain if unlocked?  In a world of infinite possibilities, assuming you could use your brain to 100%.  What will happen to you? How would you perceive the world?


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Although, scientists have always postulated that, humans only use about 10% of their brain capacity in their lifetime. This is a myth! Luc Besson  the writer and director of the movie Lucy  takes us on a wild adventure revealing the potentials of unlocking 100% of our brain’s capacity and its functionalities. If you ever wondered what it would be like to unlock your brain to its full capacity. The movie Lucy gives us an insight into how much power we can wield!


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The movie Lucy, a science fiction thriller was produced by Virginie Besson-Silla, distributed by Universal Pictures and EuropaCorp Distribution.  The movie was shot in Taipei, Paris and New York City. It was a wonderful piece about the potentials that are dormant in all humans. An infinite well of unimaginable psychokinetic’s we can’t fathom.

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The Cast

The film stars Scarlett Johansson  as Lucy, same as the title of the movie and the main protagonist, Morgan Freeman as professor Samuel Norman, a man who has written theories about unlocking the potentials of the brain beyond 10%.  Min-Sik Choi  as Mr Jang a gangster and drug dealer, the main antagonist. Amr Waked as Pierre Del Rio the police officer in Paris.

With an estimated budget of $40,000,000 budget, and a Gross cumulative profit of  $458,863, 600. It is clear that the movie gained a lot of reviews and won an award for “Worst Foreign Director ” at the Yoga Awards in 2015. Although the movie Lucy is an R-rated movie, it is one of the best movies about evolution.

 The Story

Lucy a girl schooling in Taipei, Taiwan was entangled with a friend she met in a nightclub named Richard. One day, Richard asked Lucy for a favour of delivering a case into a building. She declined the favour, even though she was offered $500.  Richard handcuffed the briefcase to her hand. She had no choice but to do his biddings.  She went inside to deliver the case to Mr Jang but was apprehended by Mr Jang’s goons and Richard was shot dead in front of the hotel where he was waiting for Lucy to drop the case and return.  


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Since the briefcase is still cuffed to her hands, she was giving the unlocking code and asked to open the case.  The briefcase contains four bags of a drug called CPH4. Mr Jang offered her a job but she declined, but she was knocked out.

When she woke up, she learned a packed of the drug was embedded in her stomach area. With a few victims like her, each carrying the same pack of the drug. They were given the mission of drug mule, to deliver the drugs to separate destinations.

Each of the four victims and Lucy were brought out separately, but for Lucy, she was taken into a facility where a man kicked her several times in the stomach. Unfortunately for her, the bag broke and some of the contents of the bag leak into her stomach. She started reacting and after a short while, she became stable.


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The leaked drug heightened her sense of reason, she felt powerful and felt no pain. She killed her abductors and headed for the hospital and asked the doctor in the surgery to remove the packed of drug leaking within her.

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The doctor after removing the drug, the doctor further explains that the substance in the pack is called CPH4. It is a substance developed by pregnant women in small quantity, with the sole purpose of powering the fetuses. The doctor was surprised she is still alive with that much quantity of CPH4 in her body system.

Lucy went back to her forced employer Mr Jang, to find out the whereabouts of the remaining packs of drugs. Mr Jang’s goons wanted to pose a problem, but with her new superhuman powers, she lay waste to them all. On reaching Mr Jang, she retrieved the information she was looking for by going through his memories. She went back to her apartment and research about her condition, prescribe drugs for the failing kidneys of her roommate and also contacted Professor Samuel Norman, a professor in Paris researching the evolution of the brain’s capacity and its full potentials.


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Lucy informed him that she has read all his paper on the evolution of the brain, His theories are a little bit rudimentary but he is on right track. Norman did not believe Lucy at first until she hijacked his television and every other electronics to prove her powers.

Soon afterwards Lucy called the Police Head Pierre Del Rio, informed him about the drug mules so they could be arrested. She rode a plane to Paris, but in the plane, her body starts to erode away, she then locks herself in the bathroom and consumed the remaining CPH4.


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She regains herself and landed in Paris, where she successfully retrieved the remaining packs of CPH4 and head for Professor Norman Samuel and his colleagues. Lucy sensed that Mr Jang and his men are approaching and asked Pro. Norman to inject the remaining packs into her via vein (IV) delivery.

This permits her to travel the through time and witness the genesis of man. Mr Jang made way into the room as Lucy reaches 100% of full brain potentials. Pierre shot Mr Jang and Lucy gave Norman a flash drive containing her knowledge. Pierre asked Pro. Norman, where she is and receives a message via his phone

I’m everywhere


The Content of the Movie

The movie Lucy is a great movie, with Scarlet Johansson great acting skills; the director has an eye for talent. The different location, the civilization shown in the movie and the possibilities of infinite functions of the brain of a human being will keep you attached to your seats.


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I have watched a lot of Scarlet Johansson movies a couple of times. But when watching the movie Lucy, it takes a lot of brain activity to cope with this movie. To fully grasp the movie, you have to watch it a couple of times and pay attention to every detail.

This movie has a canny resemblance with the movie Limitless acted in the year 2011 by Bradley Cooper.

This particular movie Lucy is centred on the embedded potentials of the human brain. The movie depicts an imaginary psychokinetic’s ability of the human mind, the ability to see through time and in time. An infinite well of possibilities.


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Lucy is a thought-provoking script because Luc Besson has found a way to project and mould out thoughts to the idea of the movie by pushing images without words or text.

This, of course, begs the question, how many per cent of Luc Besson brain is he using right now?  He has made movies like this in the past, Fifth Element with Bruce Willis  wrote Taken  and now Lucy.

The movie may not speak to a large number of audience, but to the people keen in trying to find what will happen when we use more percentage of our brains. They will enjoy it and maybe wish for a sequel to the movie.

The Lessons in the movie Lucy and Acting of Scarlet Johansson

It is without a doubt that Scarlet Johansson is a great actor. Among her siblings, I can proudly say she is the only who made it and stayed on the big screen for now. Her acting career still at its peak. I think we will see more of her in the near future.

The Lessons

The first thing we noticed is when she called her mother weeping and recalling all the love, patience and gentle care both her parents had given to her. It is the memory of her childhood she was not supposed to remember-she did and she felt the need to be grateful. To thank her parents. what struck me most is what our mothers go through. During pregnancy and after. Women are truly great!

Women produce the CPH4 although in small quantities, during pregnancy. the greatness of women cannot be overemphasized. Not to compare but I cannot help but bring this phrase of “what a man can do a woman can do better” A man took a small dose of the drug and ran mad but in the hands and mind of a woman it bore something extraordinary. The power of a woman!

In a way, the movie is centred on defined life, women empowerment and education. It was after Lucy became super-powered that, she realizes the partying and other stuff don’t matter anymore. What matters is what to do with the time giving to you.

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On A Finale Note

The movie Lucy is just awesome. Well, I’m sure that having just 10% access to our brain is better than 100% because I don’t want the world to fall into chaos.  I will be expecting people’s comment on this particular movie review. I want to know what people think about unleashing 100% of their brain’s potential!




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