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French Luc Besson, one of the best and most influential European producers, has been making happy his fans providing interesting enough movies for many years. The creator of The Fifth Element once again takes on his favorite fantasy genre - I invite you to watch fantasy action movie LUCY. 

Taking into account the information leaked to the press, LUCY was not born due to an unexpected tide of inspiration but was the result of a long and painstaking task carried out a long time. Among other things, the expectation of the computer technology development of sufficient levels was also involved in the wishes' list by the director. And this is truly an author's film, despite the fact that, out of habit, Luc relies on the canons of popular genres.

So, the director Luc Besson invites fans to see the movie full of action and tension from very close - from a single woman's inner world and a precise drawing of the brain which will reveal all the possibilities of the brain.  After using all its power, it will be possible to feel the real advantage and power subordinate to only God.

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The Short Story of The Movie 

In the dirty corrupted and very dangerous world of Taiwan capital Taipei, Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) thanks to the unsuccessful circumstances, is involved in drug contraband. Korean mafia kidnaps a girl and surgically puts a new strong drug in her abdominal cavity. She should deliver it to the reception of the luxury hotel. In the absence of another way, the girl turns into a drug mule - the person who transports the drugs implanted in the body.

A disaster occurs during the first trip: the criminal hits a girl in the abdomen, and one drug pack collapses, the drug pack bursts and a huge dose of narcotic substance get into the body of the main heroine. But instead of a guaranteed death, the drugs give her an invaluable gift (or punishment): they enter the brain to maximize their activation. 


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And instead of the usual ten percent of working brains that we all use, Lucy suddenly can use all their power. The girl can master any new knowledge instantly. With the power of thought, she can move various items, focus on a lot of things at the same time. She does not feel pain, fear, pity, etc. Now she can manage the world. 

However, with each increase in the percentage of brain exploitation, not only its power grows, but the girl becomes very dangerous to the surrounding world.

Unlike an ordinary person, as we are with you, whose gray cells are only used for 3-5 percent, her brain begins to exploit more and more of its sites and more and more effectively. True, a charge is needed to escalate the brain - and Lucy recharges with a terrible drug, rushing to reach a maximum of 100 percent. But what will happen when all 86 billion brain neurons are activated?


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The Content of The Movie 

Luc Besson, a scriptwriter for almost every single of his films, has presented an extraordinary narrative for many years. Judging by his last achievement, it is a really high-quality product, only quite naive, a bit banal, and quickly forgotten but charming and dynamically developing, as all other director's works. 

The last major science fiction work was the The Fifth Element mentioned above, which came to the daylight in 1997, and since then, the director has abandoned this rich genre until now, when the promising thriller LUCY appeared on the cinema screens.

The film LUCY has become non-random and atypical. The director combines a thriller with esotericism, scientific hypotheses about human evolution and creates a powerful mutagenic superman not only as a character but also as a story itself. Indeed, the first half of the film is slow, but everything gradually develops and becomes unpredictably interesting. Well, I really did not even expect the plot to turn out to be so fun - the drugs turn Lucy into a mutating god. 


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Looking at the future, human capabilities look really impressive. In any case, the film is not only a thriller, but it is also science fiction, which again attempt to eternity and transcends human possibilities.

If you watched this film, you can say that it's a mix of well-known movies that combines the best of the genre. You watch and enjoy, and at the same time, you try to guess from which film one or another scene is seen.  During the review, the feeling that this is a much brighter and more primitive version of the Side Effectsbut it's far more dynamic. Also during the film, I could see borrowed scenes from some of Christopher Nolan's films.

True, nothing prevents you from enjoying marvelous fightings, shootings, and Lucy's capabilities, which, with each scene, allows her to feel truly almighty god.

The characters do not reveal completely in the movie - even the main hero of the film is not fully explored. We did not know about her past - only the history of her brain exploitation is shown. The extremely fast process to enjoy the power of the character, but not more. A sexy, mysterious woman who has not a purpose but sow horror for anyone who wants to seize her powers.


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In the epicenter, without Lucy, gets a loser and a cop/scientist full of fears, and whose presence is required simply to fill the gaps in the scenario. The Korean mafia looks really funny, especially in the scenes where Lucy beats them.

 The film is for one preview, but it's not a boring movie, especially while waiting for the film's end and the discovery of the thought of this tape.

Of course, the finale of the film is also interesting, although many people are angry that the flash with the information given to the professor at the end seems to be somewhat stupid, but could the film end up differently, reaching 100 percent of brain activity? Probably such a state no longer needs a physical body.

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The Technical Side Of The Movie 

As in every Luc Besson's work, you can not bypass the soundtrack, which makes this thriller more vivid, lucid, and constantly tense. Here there were places for the opera and other classical compositions. In some places, the image is matched in the same way as playing some Hitman series game. Good for both ears and eyes.

Operator camera's work is great. This is the only flawless participant in the whole film, who visually portrayed every thought of the director. It's worth to see the last scene and travel in time. Such image attracts even more than the storyline itself, which about we cannot complain too. However, the dynamics are maintained at an excellent level.

There are also special effects in the film, but you cannot ask too much for a budget of 40 million. The last scene looks terrible, but the already mentioned travel in time has been high-quality. There the biggest funds were added to create this effect.

The soundtrack also adds charm to this movie, but the catching scenes are being developed too quietly. But there are no complaints about the shooting. The movie montage has some flaws, but the final variation satisfies - a lot of chaos, but the charming chaos that so fits here.


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The Collective Work Of Actors

In the center of the Luc Besson's movies is almost always a powerful woman. Remember Nikita from the action movie of the same name or Leeloo from the The Fifth Element. LUCY did not become an exception - on the screen again the Powerful Woman.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson, with this film, has proven that thanks to her charisma, the film can bring significant profits to developers and be attractive to viewers.

Scarlett Johansson carries the film effortlessly, bridging Besson's narrative and logical ellipses by fully embracing his crowd-pleasing intentions and convincingly depicting Lucy's psychological transformation. - Chris Packham, Village Voice 


Scarlett Johansson can be a jewel of any film, and given her actor's skill, everything was doubly successful.

An actress with very female body lines showed all her exterior beauty, fought greatly and, most importantly, admired viewers with her sexy voice. There are no complaints in the sense of her performance. She has given all 100 percent of herself, so we can safely say - it is her benefit. 


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Other Actors

Morgan Freeman, as always, is in his own wheels. He is just in his style, as in a few other his movies. I have not any pretensions for his performance. 

Known Korean actor Min-sik Choi has also not made anything special by embodying the mafia, while his colleague Egyptian Arm Waked, who played the French policeman, seems distracted and frightened, and perhaps even excited as his partner is the same Scarlett Johansson.

But I perfectly understand the second-rate actors. Their goal was to fill the empty corners and let the lady Johansson make her own charming show.

The Power Of Lucy

Yesterday she was just a sexy blonde, and today - the most dangerous and deadly creature on the planet with supernatural abilities and intelligence. What recently the best minds of the world considered to be a fantastic theory has become a reality for Lucy. And now from the prey, she will turn into a hunter.

The main and enough interesting idea of the film is that man uses only 10% of his brain. Lucy's example shows us what will happen if this percentage increases. It will gradually increase, and we will be shown what the person could achieve by 20%, 30%, and so on.


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An incredible chemical drugs cocktail not only gives Lucy physical strength and expands horizons of perception, but also triggers an irreversible process of accelerated evolution. Lucy first loses her feelings of pain and emotions. She becomes less and less humane with the development of the next percentage line - laughter, tears, and in general, any manifestation of emotions remains in the past. 

The murder of casual counterparts is only a way to achieve the goal. Lucy begins to shoot very well, read and control radio and electromagnetic waves quickly, but this is only the beginning. Having mastered shooting from two hands, Lucy ceases to use the weapon, because much more easy to break the opponent's wall with the power of thought. Soon, the bandits and the police can no longer detain a girl who resolutely rushes to a meeting with the space-time continuum.

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Our frivolous student gradually becomes a telepath, learns to levitate, moves the material as she wants (for example, changing the hairdo and hair color on the go). Finally, the whole world becomes a smartphone for her - a couple of applications have turned on, activated the required function.

Yesterday's average girl is turning into a superman, ready to fight with any rival - only humanity in her remains less and less.

Flash! It's all that's left of Lucy. We are taught to be flash drives throughout our lives. We are taught to be machines. But people are not machines. People strive for joy and love. It is important not information as such, but how you use it, how you pass it through your heart and create something new. Machines do not know how to create.

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On The Final note 

I like the theme of similar films. The script, the scenes, and the overall picture are more or less flawless.  Throughout the film, the genius and the professionalism with which it was created is felt. The idea is unique, and it remains to just quietly enjoy this work of Luc Besson!

LUCY is a charming, a bit banal, partially inclusive, but at the same time a disappointing thriller with a shadow of science fiction. Its main priority was to show all the merits of the lead role squeezing her into the fur of an irresistible and omnipotent woman who is trying to understand her limits.

The idea of a movie is cool, the brain really has unlimited possibilities, which can only be guessed and this leads to some thoughts.

Luc Besson tried to touch the brain of those people who are idly wandering from home to work, and remind them why they are born at all and in what direction they need to grow. Not everyone will like this way, but Besson will be adamant and persuasive, even though he will not always bring genuine scientific arguments.


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The answer to the quite importnat question: What is the meaning of life? - can be found simply if we dig into ourselves and recall the beginning of our life on Earth. Time has transformed one small cell into a rational creature capable of realizing itself. With this understanding, we get the answer: we need to grow above ourselves, develop and multiply, to pass our experience to descendants, making them better. 

But the person is often busy with other things, because the brain has not yet matured for such simple discoveries. Therefore, it is easier for him to engage in an idle talk in the form of a simple philosophy or religion, where all the answers are supposed to be found. 

Neither philosophy or religion give the answers, and the only chance of humanity to go further is to advance its knowledge, a science capable of truly glancing over the edge of the universe and unraveling the mysterious secrets of life.

Welcome back, monsieur Besson!


Scarlet Johansson at the event for LUCY Photo credit: Tina Chang via

Professor Norman: We humans are more concerned with having than with being. 


My rating: 7.0/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 66 ( of 100)
Critics average: 47/100
IMDb: 6.4/10



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