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Hi Friends!

I am a student of 1st year (Pre Medical), now a days I am free from my exams and soon will start my summer camp but till then I want to enjoy my journey here on

In the start when I joined this plat form I was not much familiar with the site, so I decided to explore the terms & condition of the said site. I read many new things about the site.

When I login here I saw the global chat option where I talk with some old users like Asad-munib, CatherineTanh and some more, who guide me and tell me especially about Gems.


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Adgoggleko guide me very well about blogging, thanks to her. She told me clearly about how I can get more stars on my blogs. The bitLanders is a very nice platform where we can polish our blogging abilities with some free earnings & fun. This is a social game where we can earn on our own behalf.

We can earn here by submitting our quality contents like blogging, photography and movie making. I have experienced only blogging here. I posted two blogs but unfortunately I got only 3 stars on my both blogs..

Watch the tutorial for understand how it works?

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and watch the video below, to find out how to earn money with

video source is

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I hope you will enjoy and get something new by reading my previous blogs.

This time I am writing about my experience with the site. I have already told you that now I am free after my 1st year exams. So I want to kill my time in a profitable and interesting way. I got information about the bitLanders from my friend, she told me that there is a site on the internet which pays us by our socialization, My reaction was WOOW!!! And I decided to know completely about bitLanders. I saw many tutorials there on about bitLanders and search the Hash Tag #bitlanderstips on

I want to share with all of you the experience which I got from these efforts.

Every business needs a team to grow & lead. And bitLanders has its team.

I have no clear idea about the bitLanders team but I share with you what I got from or

✹ Francesco Rulli (The owner of bitLanders Community)

✹ Micky-the-slanted-salerno (The Chat moderator of the bitLanders community)

✹ LrY (Programmer)

✹ kRs (Programmer)

✹ Hillary-Summers (Review officer)

✹ Jennifer Bourne (Advertisement officer)

Their position may be different from what I have written.

Let me get you some introduction to these members.

✹ Francesco Rulli:

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He is the owner of the site; he has the Italian nationality and a black belt judo instructor.

As per Mr. Wikipedia

Francesco Rulli is an Italian businessman, philanthropist and black belt Judo instructor at the New York Athletic Club. He founded MTI USA Inc. in 1995 and served as the President. In 2006, he founded and served as the president of Film Annex, an online independent film distribution platform and web television network. He launched the Bitcoin platform bitLanders in 2014 and serves as the President. Rulli also co-founded Mrs. Mudd, a fashion and design consulting firm with American actor, producer and director John Malkovich. Rulli was a featured actor in Malkovich's documentary Flipping Uncle Kimono.

✹ Micky (micky-the-slanted-salerno)

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He is a chat moderator of the bitLanders community; he helps us to get out through various problems we countered there on

He is like a messenger between bitLanders management and bitLanders users as he publishes new rules, double reward topics for blogging and new feature of the site in his blog posts. We all should follow him to see the new updates on our feed up page. To subscribe him please click here.

✹ LrY & kRs


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Both are programmer of the said site, they have designed the all scripts of the site which we are using here. All new changes come up by both of them.

✹ Hillary Summers

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She is well known by every user of the site, mostly users call her the strict face lady, as if you got good review, her face will still show the strict reaction, hahahahaha.

She reviews our submitted work and after reviewing our work she rates it with stars from 1 upto 5.

✹ Jennifer Bourne


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She is a managing the advertising panel of the said site if you have any query about the advertisement of the site, or you want to show your ads on you just need to send an email on she will quickly response you.


So this is a team of bitLanders I know many users are much familiar with all of them but I have written about them to clear my concept so please if you found any mistake please let me know by your comments Thanks a lot for reading my blog.

My next blog too will be about to community.



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