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The body of Christ is full of all kinds of different types of people. There are Christians who are good at preaching, there are Christians who are good at praying, there are Christians who are good at being sympathetic, and there are Christians who are good at mindfully doing their duty. I believe there are many more types of Christians which I will get at in a moment here. The body of Christ is in fact a body. A body has all kids of limbs and purposes.

Someone might be an ear, while another might be an eye. The ear can't understand what the eye sees, and the eye can't understand what the ear hears. Both can receive the same information, but in the end they could quite easily interpret that same information differently. One might consider that the head of the church is most important, but with no body of the church the head is useless. If one wants to run they have to use the part of the body that is less seen, and not thought about much. In fact this part of the body is probably considered the most dirtiest part of the body of all. The part of the body I am talking about are the feet. What I am saying here is that just because someone doesn't look or act like what you consider the common Christian that doesn't mean they aren't Christian.

For an example, I remember walking out of a bar once on a rougher side of town. I wasn't drunk, I had maybe 2 drinks. I lit a cigarette and had a smoke. There was an elderly native couple just standing in the corner hidden in the shade of the building. They looked like they were in very rough shape and could easily be noted as homeless. The man walked up to me and asked for a smoke, so I gave him a smoke and didn't think much of it. I got in the back seat of my friends two door car. Then I all of a sudden felt pulled to go talk to the couple standing in the shadow of the building. I got out of the car and went to talk to them. It was a very short conversation about their rough life when I all of a sudden asked them if they wanted to pray with me. They said yes definitely! I folded my hands closed my eyes and bowed my head and started praying for this couple standing before me. It was such a powerful prayer and then I felt their hands covering my hands and tears and sobbing started coming out. The lady started kissing my hand as a gesture of appreciation I guess. I finished the prayer and they were so thankful. It was nice to be a helping hand for the body of Christ in that moment. One would think that a guy walking out of a bar and lighting a smoke would be one of the last people to walk up to someone and start praying.

To be someone that is just being my true genuine self, hanging out with my friends and having a couple of drinks was something that I enjoyed doing and still like to do when ever I get the chance.

Through life small pieces of the puzzle to my questions about God and myself started being answered. The answer I got from this was that God doesn't see us as critical as we Christians see ourselves. He doesn't say "well this guy went for some drinks and he's having a smoke... can you believe this?! Looks like I have to wait for another to use him". No, I think that if Jesus was physically there as part of our group of friends He would have sat down with us, and hung out and tell stories like anyone of us do when we hang out as friends. Jesus was there knowing full well that we were enjoying our fellowship together as friends. This is exactly what Jesus wants us to do. There doesn't have to be alcohol involved, and it doesn't have to take part in a bar, but I don't believe for one second that it matters to Him if that is our leisure of choice.

I don't believe that Jesus would want us to go to some strip club, or some sort of dance club unless you know for a fact that your heart is in the right place and your intentions are for good and for God and you want to pray over the people in those places or something. Other then that those places should be a place to avoid.

I definitely don't recommend having drinks if you don't think you can handle it of course. Everyone has their weaknesses, and alcohol might be a weakness for some people.

I touch on alcohol a lot because I enjoy alcohol, but it could be a weapon used against you and your life if you can't handle it though.

I feel like the types of people who aren't always seen in the church, but yet doing God's work in places where Christians are hardly seen are like the feet of the body of Christ. I'm not God and can't label who is what part of the body, but to me this is how I see it.

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