'The break down' Young man and Ham

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Lets break it down! A break down of a phase to find the true meaning ever thing in life has a purpose every word ever uttered has a meaning. Now it is time to figure out what these “saying” really mean.


“I was a young man, with no plans, all I had was a piece of ham, but then I ate it.” Those words are from a Vine that I did a while back. But is their deeper meaning to them? Lets break it down phase by phase. “I was a young man,” ok so this mean the person who said or is telling the advice is older. Which means this quote should be and will be and is knowledgeable for the younger generation. “With no plans,” let’s assume that these “plans” are life plans; this man had no further life plans. Which means he was stuck or didn’t know where to go. “All I had was a piece of ham,” what is the ham? Is the ham really a piece of ham or is it more? Maybe the “ham” was something good, something that he hung onto that could for his future. Maybe the ham was all he had left was an idea money or girlfriend. The ham was important or the phase would’ve never mentioned. “But then I ate it,” so the very last thing he had was a piece of ham. But I don’t think he ate it but he ruined it for him self. He used the ham as an example and eating it meaning it didn’t pan out for him. I might have read a bit deep into this phase I said once but it was a fun read and fun to break down.


~ Josh Presuto


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