The Building Guard Lost my Drivers License

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It was my first interview day, a month ago that I lost my driver's license. In every corporate building that you visit in Cebu, you have to sign for their log sheet and provide an ID so you can come in and I did what was required. I was inside for only an hour or so and when I arrived in the guard's table and asked for my ID, he was denying that I left something but I had signed and I placed there that I have left an ID and also, I got a temporary building ID which means, we had exchanged it for a valid one.

It scared me that i might not be able to get my own ID but the guard promised me he will look for it. It was alarming that another driver's license was left at his desk, a woman from Consolacion came after me as per the log book but has left already the building leaving her ID behind. I assumed she might have my license.

The guard promised me he will look for it. After two days I went back to the building and the guard who had lost my ID was nowhere to be found. I asked the new person if my license is in there but no good. After weeks, I had to escalate the case because the guard was not anymore in that area, the new guy said he was transferred to another location and so I asked for a supervisor about it.

They can't do anything about the case but rather let me have the other woman's license instead and even demanded that I should message this woman. I looked her up on Facebook, messaged her but no response until now. It's been two months and still no response.

I am losing hope to ever find my ID so I am thinking of getting an affidavit instead and get a new license perhaps. It's just a bad experience and it is so annoying that I keep on seeing those guards every time I come to work.

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