"The Butler" Screenwriter Danny Strong chats with #InTheLab's Arthur Kade and talks about his hit movie

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Screenwriter Danny Strong sits down with The Lab NYC's Arthur Kade and talks about his new movie "The Butler". The movie starring Forest Whitaker has been very successful since it's opening. It is the hot new movie out in theaters right now with lots of Oscar buzz. With movies like "The Help" and "42", people are interested in seeing important civil rights stories.

Strong talks about creating the characters through lots of research and interviewing people. With the help of director Lee Daniels, they created the great character of Cecil Gaines. He talks about how important this character was to the movement as well as the touching storyline between Cecil Ganies and his son.  He had the opportunity to interview Eugene Allen, the butler who Cecil was based on. The interview was in the basement of his house that was surrounded with pictures of his amazing life.

Strong is the writer of hits like HBO's Game Change, and the Hunger Games series. He talks about his upcoming projects and the difference between all the different genres. The most difficult thing he has worked on is adapting the "The Lost Symbol" the third De Vinci Code movie. He also comments on how “The Butler” was hard to write because of all the history going on throughout the movie. He talks about working as an actor and how he still enjoys it. He has starred in “Mad Men” and the cult TV show “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Catch “The Butler in theaters now.


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