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The restaurant for all the bitlanders users, well I just named it that way because it is called "the buzz" and that’s what bitlanders users' always do, buzz and buzz other users' posts. But actually the truth is that this cafe offers more than that.

First of all, The Buzz Cafe is based in Bohol, Philippines. There are two branches and the photo above shows the branch along ICM or Island City Mall. It is a well known cafe due to the fact that what they are offering are all naturals from the farm well known as Bohol Bee Farm. They cater bee products like honey and they also have natural plants available in that same farm. The owner had done a great job with shifting from farm making to cafes. I have learned though that the owner is actually a restaurant manager too so I guess that's where she got the idea.

We then ordered something which would fill our empty stomachs at three in the afternoon; I was with my best bud at that time who came all the way from Cebu to visit me in Bohol. What we ordered? Cheese pizza for 240 pesos and their special Halo-halo, my favorite which was for 160 pesos! By the way, the ingredients are all natural and they were taken straight fresh from the farm.

11 inches Cheese Pizza at Php 240

Tasty Cheese Pizza, I ordered this because I had stopped eating pork although I should have selected their seafood one. But it was still good.

Special Halo-halo de Buzz Cafe at Php 160

Their Halo-halo has been really delightful, I have tasted it a couple of times and each time I get to see it, I am feeling like a kid who want to just dive into that sweet thing. And take note, the ice creams here are all natural too! They had added honey as well on this serving, they have two kinds of honey though but I don't know which one was added in here.

I am now wondering of going to their farm soon. I will have to taste some of the other ice cream flavors which they are offering. I want to try the dragon fruit one.

I will be more than willing to visit the cafe soon and get to taste the rest of the flavors available.  I will then be posting more photos at that time.


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