The BuzzScore Explained: Quality Content vs. Spamming

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The BuzzScore is the core of Film Annex's model. On the platform, a BuzzScore is calculated for each user and determines his/her revenues.

The BuzzScore has different components:

  • content: the videos, blogs, micro-blogs, and galleries. At Film Annex, we reward high quality content and regularity, meaning that writing several spam-like micro-blogs every day for example won't give you any points in your BuzzScore. Uploading 1-2 videos or writing 2-3 blogs per week will assure you a consistant and regularly increasing BuzzScore.
  • sharing: how actively you share your content and other users' content using the social media buttons (Like, Tweet, G+1).
  • influence: how actively other users' share your content.
  • followers: number and BuzzScore level of your followers.

We encourage all users to actively upload, share, and comment on content, and we reward them for that. Spamming the platform with meaningless and automatic comments do not give the users any extra points, which will be reflected in our latest update on the BuzzScore.

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