The BuzzScore for the Film Annex Community; the Social Media Score that Pays

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The BuzzScore is a very personal scoring system that reflects many aspects of each individual person and company, including Influence, Content, and Social Media (Share). The BuzzScore grades the DETERMINATION and SKILLS of a person to achieve the highest targets.


The highest your score is, the most INFLUENTIAL and EFFECTIVE your actions and opinions are. Consequently, the highest the value you provide to YOURSELF, the company you work for and to your partners is.

The BuzzScore is also a measure to financial success and return on the investment and and a way to determine the budget to further invest, or not... in a person or strategy.

Today, Film Annex, through the BuzzScore, has 287,000 financial relationships. We are tuning them to satisfy our employees, partners, service providers and users' expectations and needs. In exchange, we require excellent QUALITY of content and expect superb DETERMINATION and SKILLS!

The BuzzScore runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:


I invite you to visit the Film Annex Community Page and observe the average BuzzScore by gender (pink for female, blue for male). Check the incredible performance of the female writers and filmmakers for Afghanistan and other developing countries. Female surpass male by an average of 20% worldwide, and of 40% or more for developing countries.



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