The BuzzScore, the Credit Score for Filmmakers and Bloggers on @FilmAnnex

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If you live in the US, chances are you have a credit score, which determines your financial reliability and takes in consideration your "past borrowing and repaying."

Film Annex has its own scoring system, not a credit score, not a Klout score, but the BuzzScore. It tells us and the other users if you are regularly uploading content on the platform, if your content is of good quality, and if you are actively promoting your work by sharing it on social media. It shows us - and you - your reliability and skills as a filmmaker or blogger.

The BuzzScore was conceived in 2013 by Maurizio R. and our Italian Film Annex team. In this blog, he explains how it was created.

Some filmmakers told us they take it as a challenge to keep producing content so it can increase. Others added that it encourages them to blog about their activities, something that they wouldn't have thought of before. So what is your BuzzScore?


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