The Buzzz Cafe Opens at SM Seaside City Cebu!

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For the past years, I had no other favorite restaurant than The Buzzz Cafe. I have my own reasons as to why I consider it a favorite so when James, my husband and I were walking on our way home at six in the evening last Friday and we passed by the newly opened The Buzzz Cafe in SM Seaside City Cebu, I knew right there and then that we have to have dinner at the restaurant and we did!

I have been posting about food for the past few days, I can't help it since we have been going out lately. I guess this will be the last food blog for this week because its already the weekday and both of us have to work during these days. But I can't promise that there will be no food blog soon in the next few weekends most especially that James' brother will be arriving in the next few days.

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So, today's blog, I am going to share with you how our experience was at the new branch of the said restaurant. I guess I have already dined in at most of the branches of The Buzzz Cafe and so as soon as I figured this new one, I decided right away to eat. I am going to share with you the things that can be found in the cafe, how the food was and of course the way the staffs handle their customers based on our observation.

The Buzzz Cafe of Bohol Bee Farm 

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Bohol Bee Farm was once an empty lot converted into a farm after the owner who stayed in a tree house in that land realized she needs to do something about it. She then started selling her produce to her children's classmate families and eventually, after hard work and proper marketing strategies, Bohol Bee Farm has a lot of branches now from Bohol, Cebu, and Iloilo, it won't be a surprise if they'll open one soon in Luzon and Mindanao.

The Buzz Cafe was a medium for Bohol Bee Farm to sell their goods, from fresh vegetables to ice creams with unique flavors, to their originally baked bread, and to their muffins. Not to forget that they as well have honey produce and even organic and edible flowers which are included in their salads! This is my favorite though!

Let's now talk about the details of the newly opened branch in Cebu!

The Buzzz Cafe SM Seaside City Cebu

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On December 30, 2018, The Buzzz Cafe SM Seaside City Cebu opened its doors for customers who want to indulge in healthy and yet fulfilling food options. The restaurant is located in the lower ground floor of the mall, just right beside Cabalen and opposite Jollibee.

Prior to their opening, there was already a stall for The Buzzz ice cream options. This has been incorporated into the restaurant just as how their other branches also do. The restaurant is almost al fresco in style as there are no actual walls separating the restaurant and the mall compared to that of the other eateries within the establishment.

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Instead, they only have posts and some barricades between the mall and the walkways of the mall which I believe is a good thing because all those who are passing by would be able to see the food being served and that may enhance more customers to come and dine in. However, the issue with this is that it is prone to noise and some flies just like what happened when we had our dinner here.


The Buzzz Cafe's ambiance and interiors always make me happy. The cozy touch and homey character to it make me feel like I have been to this place before. Indeed, they got almost the same type of interior decorations in most of their branches, the newly opened one is not an exception.

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The walls have been installed with reclaimed wood plants secured into the wall, this added texture to the room. There are framed items too like that of the Bohol Chocolate Hills, the famous tourist attraction of Bohol. This is of course because The Buzzz Cafe was conceptualized in Bohol and its main supplier of fruits and vegetables is in Bohol.

Aside from that, the furniture is definitely well thought of. There's a variety of designs per branch though in terms of the furniture. As for this newly opened one, they have wooden chairs with comfortable padding. Tables are of course made of pure wood too but the most interesting parts are the chandeliers, they are recycled wine bottles which had been turned into colorful chandeliers.

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Aside from it being a cafe, they also offer items produced from Bohol Bee Farm like their honey, there's Molave and Raw too! They also offer some Boholano delicacies like Broas, there are peanut treats too as well as beauty products!

Food Choices and Pricing

The Buzzz Cafe menu is straightforward, there is selection grouped into Appetizer and Taco, Farm Salad, Farm Soup, main course, desserts, and even combo meals.

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And since they had just opened that day, there were some options on the menu which are still not available at that time. Good thing, our combo meals were available.

James ordered set B and I had set C. Both sets have red rice, a side salad, two viands, mine was chicken and fish while James had baby back ribs and fish.

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As for the pricing, I can say it might be a little expensive to some but for us, it was just right because of it being healthy and I am quite sure that these ingredients each food served are locally grown. But to really think about it, having a cup of red rice topped with steamed Cassava, two choices of viands, a side flower salad, free Citronella juice, and a complimentary meal as well. With all of these, it is definitely worth having a meal here.

Staff and Service

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As usual, what I greatly appreciate with The Buzzz Cafe is their customer service, I have always liked how they treat their customers and to know that most of them, if not all, are Boholanos.

As per the staff who attended to our orders, there were only two who's from Cebu in the SM Seaside branch while the rest of the crews are all from Bohol. It made me feel good that the owner had been prioritizing her own people too, giving them jobs and blessing them with the ability to also provide to their families.

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Almost all the experiences I had with The Buzzz Cafe was pleasant and the recent one is surely included. All smiles and all attending to our requests and questions. I feel very accommodated and I didn't even feel awkward talking to them as they portrayed good and pleasing service.

Overall, James and I truly love that there's already a nearby The Buzzz Cafe branch from our place and that we can always go and dine in here if we crave for their salad. Their halo-halo is also a must try by the way because of how they incorporated real fruits and their natural honey and yummy ice cream together in one bowl! You must try it!

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Perhaps the only issue I had was that because it's an open restaurant, there's no privacy while eating. As well as that there was a limited number of tables so during dinner, James and I thought we must hurry up because there's a long queue of willing to waiting customers. But apart from that, it is indeed a place to try out most especially those who want to eat healthy food choices.

Thank you for reading!

What kind of food do you like?


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