The Cavs Changing in Rank

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Many people were intrigued by Lebron’s change of teams to the Cavs including Kevin Love. Kevin Love was named the best opposing defenses’ chief concern, but this would all change if the Minnesota team traded him to the Cavs. Lebron James would be the best opposing defenses’ chief concern. The Cavs team hasn’t always been the number one team but does have some solid victories against one of the best teams in the world and with Lebron there the victories would increase.

Lebrons first team was the Cavs which when he left was on average scoring 102 points. (This was ninth in the NBA)When lebron was on the team the 3 point shooters were shooting at a percent of 40-48.As soon as Lebron left the team all the numbers started to go down. He was defiantly a positive influence on the team. Now that lebron came back those numbers will increase dramatically. Without James, all nine players saw a drop in true shooting and the team finished with only 19 wins.

Other stars like Kyrie Irving, Varejao and Tristan Thompson which are on the cavs team will also get the increase that lebron gave to Chris bosh and Dwyane Wade.

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