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Posted on at is formerly known as a film annex. The name became different, but the same old ways of how users get rewarded, the president and also the founder of this social media site is Sir Francesco Rulli who was born in the Italy and by occupation he is a business man and also a black belt judo instructor.With his intelligence and hard working team he has created this platform which provides its users an online opportunity to earn and enjoy. I mean, online opportunity to earn and enjoy because you can earn by posting contents and while socializing with other users from different parts of the world.

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I joined this site,, last September 2016.  I used to be an inactive user in my first month so I wasn’t able to notice everything but even though I am not that updated I can say that there are some changes happenings to this site, Changes for improvements of to be exact. So let us use this blog to see and notice some changes before and up to the present on this site and how those changes help us to conveniently earn using



Being an inactive user before was quite difficult to be updated, but thanks to my best friend chacha23 who help me out to cope with to this site. In my first month, it is quite difficult to track the buzzers and the number of buzzes they did. In the same old way,even before buzz deals are already existing. BUT the activity log is not yet introduced. Yes, there is no activity log before, so dealing at that time was so hard and buzzing too, because you need to leave stickers to every post you visited and buzzed. Then, to reciprocate their buzzes, your only basis was the notifications. Notification is not that good to be the only basis to tract buzzers because we also got notifications from the posts of others we commented so someone who were wise that time counted buzzes by checking his every post.

After the month of struggling with that leaving a comment and counting to reciprocate buzzes, The activity log is finally introduced, Keep track of all the Buzz you Get with the Activity Log , you can check your activity log by clicking the “bell” icon which is the notification and inside of that page, you can see the activity log section beside the word 'notification'. Well, you should thanks the bitlanders team especially sir. francesco sir LrY, sir kRs, ma'am Hilllary Summers and sir micky-the-slanted-salerno because they help us use this site conveniently by introducing this. It is very hard to track buzzers without this.



I can say that buzzing is much easier before, for those old users I know you feel the same, buzzing other users' posts is easy because at that time, no need to view a certain post. You just go to the profile of a certain user, and then click the buzz icon to every post; you can leave a comment at the same time without viewing every post. For the one who trust the user he is dealing with, no need to leave a comment, just buzz. I remember, I can buzz 30-50 posts in just a minute or less than that whenever I had a fast internet connection.

Now, aside from the heart icon, hehe, before, that is just a word “buzz” you need to view every post first to buzz so it is time consuming. But thanks for the new transitions here, I mean, the slide thingy when you open a certain post, I can easily buzz those without dragging down.



Before, when we see b-logo to a certain post, you can see this icon “” at the upper part of that certain post. Now you can see a little treasure box which is placed in different parts of a post. Hehe, maybe they do that to avoid the use of bots at this site. Either way, it is good that they still give some rewards. :)


The Public Chat becomes English-only


Global chat is now known as an English speaking zone, before, we can use our mother tongue there. There was an instance that people got teased without him knowing. And obviously, because I can’t understand other languages aside from Tagalog and English, I can't go with the flow of conversations there, and also, it made me felt awkward to interact.

The Public Chat becomes English-only, now that the platform was changed because of this new rule, we can easily comprehend with others. Those who will use other languages will be banned (but sometimes, the admin just lets others to do so, and I don’t know why he allowed them). Well, majorities are good and follow the rules, so it is still good.


Rules to Follow on bitLanders To Avoid Suspension or Ban gives us the opportunity to interact with all the users who are online in the global chat, and we can also interact with a specific person only; just click the user name and options will be viewed, click the open private chat. Aside from that, we can also block the person we don’t want to talk to, just hit the block option and you can no longer get messages from that person you blocked. Before, there was no block, I remember a certain girl user, who said bad words to other users, I know they got annoyed, but there was no other way to get rid of her but to log out. This is the good thing about having this “block “option, to avoid unwanted people.

During my first month here, there is no suspension thingy, no one got suspended. I don’t know if there are some who reported other users, but at that time, I heard no one got suspended. Now, this is what makes things complicated, because you can be suspended, suspended in global chat or your account. Read the blog of sir Micky, Rules to Follow on bitLanders To Avoid Suspension or Ban , for the guidelines and to avoid suspension of your account.


I don’t know if it is already NOT GOOD before, that we published copy paste content in our pages, but now, the bitlanders team at this platform become more observant and strict when it comes to publishing, NOW we should post our very own thoughts on micro blogs, own captured pictures on galleries and own videos on movies. They say that we can copy paste content from other site but we need to acknowledge the source. Be careful in posting stuffs to avoid suspension.



How bitMiles Loyalty Points Work

With the passage of time,, its rules changed and it started promoting bitMies as well, at first “ is a social media site that pays its users by being socially active and posting quality contents in bitcoin”

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Now, it is no longer bitcoin, but bit-miles, read the blog of sir Micky to understand bitMiles --> How bitMiles Loyalty Points Work. Either way, we can rest assured that will STILL reward us by our hard works and being socially active. Just continue using it guys. BITLANDERS.COM is a legit site. ^__^

For now, since the platform had changed, I haven’t withdrawn yet because I do not have paypal or payza account. But when I create one, and if I successfully get my earnings, I will write a blog for you guys about withdrawing. Just keep updated.

Note: this is my original work, please don't plagiarize.

Thanks for reading!

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