The Choice Of A Profession

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The Choice Of A Profession In Pakistan

The choice of a profession has become more difficult than a few years ago. We should choose it with great care. Man’s success depends upon the right choice of his profession. Its wrong may lead him to chaos and failure.

A man can choose his profession that suits him best. It should be choose according to taste, inclination, and bent of mind of the person. A man in a wrong profession is a perpetual nuisance not for himself but for others also. Difference career like teaching, engineering, medicine, contractors, business, army, police, science, industrial expert, computer engineering, computer programming, and agriculture lie open for the educated youngmen.

We should not adopt it only because others say that it good or useful. If we dose not like one profession we choose the another. But when we adopt it we should do full justice with it. Moreover, we should have a ability to work in the profession we join. We should be qualified and expert in it. When we decided it to join a profession, we should work hard to adopt it. For Example, a Lawyer must know all about Law. He should be astute. A Doctor should be conversant with different disease and their curse. A Teacher should know all the skills of teaching. A shopkeeper must be active, tactful, wide awake, calculating, and have a common sense. An army man or police man should be healthy and strong to undergo hard training and face the tough enemy.

This is the age of competition. The degree holders are many but jobs are few. Hence the choice is difficult. Moreover, our young men attach imaginary dignity to certain professions. They run after office jobs. They hate manual labors and mechanical pursuits. Our educational institutions produce only a peculiar kind of young men who are fit to only to be clerks. There are no aptitude tests in schools and colleges. There is no proper guidance and training of young men for a particular profession.

The parents are also blameworthy in wrong choice of profession. They don’t assess their child’s faculties. They wish him to choose the same profession they like, unless a child qualifies for a doctor, an engineer, a civil servant, a clerk, or an overseer, he is considered good for nothing. The child should be allowed to choose a profession he likes. He should not be compelled to enter a profession against his inclination.

But the parents and children cannot be totally blamed.  They are compelled under the present circumstances. Everyone does not have proper capital or chance to try his luck. He adopts any profession in which he finds chance for him to earn his living. But the choice of a profession becomes easy if all professions are consider respectable. People hate some professions and pursue some others and anf fail in life.   

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