The Cinderella shoe

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“A dream is a wish your heart makes when you are fast asleep” Cinderella

Cinderella is the a most epic story which ruled the hearts of girls from centuries and don’t know how many girls want that glass shoe to fit in and change their whole world but there a few girls who have the Cinderella’s destiny and she have never thought of being one.

Born in the pathetic background she climbed the stairs towards her youth listening marvelous story of Cinderella. Every night when her whole home fall asleep she spent her time looking towards the sliver moon and thinking of herself as Cinderella and wished to God to make her like Cinderella. When she told her friends at school what she want in her life they mock at her, some of friends thought of her as insane and as the time of her childhood faded the fantasy of her being Cinderella also faded with it

Now she is a young woman full of life and joy though not that much beautiful as Cinderella and now she never thought of being one, never thought of a prince charming that will change her whole world but then he came in her life and changed her life form every aspect he is not a real prince and not that much wealthy like prince Charles but for her, he is the most beautiful thing happened to her and sitting in the window looking at the silver moon she smiled at her and thought though she never had a pair of glass shoes not a fairy God mother but she has a faith in her GOD and in her that one day she will have a faith just like her

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