The conical leaf hats in the eyes of international youth

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Along the "Ao dai", the conical leaf hats are now a fashion symbol of Vietnam in the eyes of international friends. It always take place in the luggage of travelers to Vietnam. Indeed, in the tourist ereas you will encounter many foreign female tourists very charming with conical leaf hats, not inferior Vietnamese girl. It seems that it is indispensable objects when one wants to learn about the culture and fashion of Vietnam. In the international pageant, we often see the "beautiful people" of each other country, you enjoy the conical leaf hat from Vietnam. In 2001, the famous Italian designer Albeta Ferrerti used to have launched his collection with the innovative conical leaf hats with colorful.

 Around the world, all of most nation not have conical leaf hats enique as ethnic Vietnamese. Try it once you will feel understand.

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