The correlation between Bitcoin and BuzzScore @ Film Annex

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I was recently asked the following by a user, and I wanted to share with the community:

"Recently I had some observations on my BuzzScore vs revenue that is getting generated BuzzScore jumped from 35.52 to 37.23, but the revenue dropped from BTC 0.0012619 to BTC 0.0012515. Can you please help me understand this issue?

I forwarded to our developers in Italy and they responded:

The BuzzScore algorithm changes daily/weekly as we add more users. Revenues change every day, sometimes more, sometimes less as the Advertising networks are changing their algorithms and payments everyday to Film Annex. The advertising market is moving towards "quality content". The BuzzScore is competitive, so while his went up, other users might have gone up more. Nevertheless, if his BuzzScore hadn't gone up, he would have had even less revenue. 


Here is the full list of Advertising Networks on Film Annex Networks.

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