The Crypto Currency movement.

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The increased awareness of Digital Currencies is astounding. Ebay as well as Paypal, Great American Insurance company,Dish Network, are looking upon the technology behind crypto currencies. The age of financial revolution is upon us whether we like it or not. I like the idea of not having someone managing and taking my money with "fees" is amazing... There is no minimum needed to open a "wallet" to hold your assets. More security is being implemented to prevent thefts and fraud. I can stand by and explain the whole shpeal about the technical aspects, but I am sure you understand if your reading this. Create awareness and buzz about Digital Currency!!! Join the next biggest thing and create a history of today!

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I am just an honest altcoin miner/trader, ex-truck driver. Also I love the latest gigs in technology! Can't have enough of it! I am mostly into trading and mining altcoins. I am part of the PND community and we do not panic sell from manipulation. I are the savior of…

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