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Gene Geter’s The Dancer Mimi is a true inspiration. This incredible work of literature delves into a world filled with entertainment, surprises and absolute craziness; basically everything we love to have in our lives.

 The plot revolves around the main man Mark, a photographer involved with two incredible ballet dancers…both named Mimi…both in love.

 Now comes the best part.

In this “black-swan-esque” style story, both Mimi's seek the love of Mark and have these powerful polar opposite characteristics that always keep you on your toes (no pun intended)

 On the one hand we have the first Mimi, a gorgeous ballerina Mark snapped a quick picture of while walking to school at just 13 years young. Her identity remained a mystery and all he had was one photograph of this beautiful girl. 

As fate would have it, 15 years later, Mark sees the dancer once again. Only this time, a strange friendship unfolds with underlying and unspoken emotions tugging at your heartstrings and making you crave more.

 As the plot thickens, Mark meets the other Mimi. But this ballet dancer is very different from the first. First of all, she wears a cape and best of all (spoiler alert!) we find out she is an alleged murder. Talk about twists and turns.

But wait, the excitement has just begun. Geter takes us on a whirlwind of experiences between the two dancers who ultimately dislike each other and constantly fight for the one thing they love in this life, Mark.

 Mark and the two Mimis keep you hooked and always entertained with the dynamic of their relationship. This superb work of literature constantly makes you crave more; you will not want to put it down!

Now this novel is loosely based on real events, and who doesn’t like a “based on a true story” work of literature. The Dancer Mimi is loosely inspired by the very real dancers Shoko Fujita and Shoko Tamai who caused quite a stir in the ballet world.

 What now? Put down that drink, blink twice, hold your breath and click on this link leading you to the very exciting and crazy world of Mark. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.


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