The Death Of Cable

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Being somewhat of a self-proclaimed technology geek it always hits home when I feel like I can see myself aging. Most people feel this way when something radical in their life changes. It can happen in sports, entertainment, politics, but for me since it's close to my career and passions I get that way when something in technology takes flight.

It's not earth-shattering news, but I cancelled my internet and cable provider from my small apartment nestled on the Hudson River facing New York City. I never use the television and the internet is in so many places I felt it silly to burden myself with my own signal.

So I've embraced the alternatives and will now focus on cloud services - three to be specific.

These guys at 8 dollars a month allow me to get premium shows without subscribing to any specific channels. More importantly they're available on a variety of devices so I don't need to be locked in my apartment to use them. The a la carte model is the new norm in consumer entertainment, and although they didn't invent it, they have exclusives that are worth paying for.

I purposely said above HULU didn't invent that a la carte model because as far as I'm considered these guys did. I've had them for years and have shared my account with friends and family alike. I have absolutely no quandaries with Netflix and if you haven't used them yet I implore you to try. Personally I just divulge into the TV shows, but to each their own.

The internet one was a bit tricky. You can turn any data plan phone into a tethered Wi-Fi signal for a few extra dollars a month, but the quality isn't necessarily amazing. I found Clear through Sprint as a cheaper and more cost-effective internet solution. Basic internet speeds allowing for business, email, basic streaming and multimedia, and convenience.

I share this experience because to me this is a personal change that is going to become common place within a few years. I'm no radical here. People have already been doing the above for years abandoning the Time Warner model of old (and saying screw off in the process). 

My experience thus far has been quite excellent. I'm looking forward to saving 60$ a month and adopting to picking my entertainment when I see fit. 

Good bye old cable model - and good riddance. Shame on you for monopolizing access. Welcome to the new wave.


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