The Devil Obeys!

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A year ago, our church was put in a challenging situation. We were renting a place in the city for many years to gather together, had our worship service and many other ministries and suddenly before the year end last year, we got a surprising news. Our rent wil be raised up to sky high and it we tried to plead for a little bit lower but it was futile, the owner said the price was not negotiable. The elders was troubled but nonetheless were hopeful. So we were forced to relocate to some other place. We do not know where to go and how to begin as we are used to the place and it was quiet convenient to everybody. It was accessible to various kind of public transport that is why it was very convenient to the come to every meeting.

However, we have our elders who are responsible in looking for the place. I believe they checked every possible place to move into. And there was a vacant land quiet nearby. It was a perfect place for us to build our new church building. The church decided to buy that piece of land, but one of the leader in the government do not want that a church would buy and build a church building on that place. In other words he oppose the idea to sell that land for us. So we prayed and believed that this is the place God wanted us to have our church building.

When the official day for us to buy that land, the man who oppose to sell the land was on his way to the meeting place, unfortunately the train he was into suddenly stopped due to bad snow on the railtrack. He was late, and when he reached to the place the selling process was done. He was so angry and disappointed that day.

We got our prayer answered and have our church building began to build. It was a great experienced how God helped His people, His children. Just like my pastor used to say ``If God is with us, who can be against us?``. When God answers even the devil obeys.

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