The discovery of nitrogen necessary for life on Mars

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These patterns of nitric oxide famous pit of Mars, Gail Creator is believed to have come from the river or lake that once existed here in the past, Photo: File

Karachi: NASA robot sent from the surface of the planet Mars, considered essential for life revealed the presence of nitrogen, which was welcomed as an important discovery.

The two atoms of nitrogen gas are tightly bound are considered essential for life on Mars, however, showed the presence of nitric oxide in the past when there was nitrogen gas that was sent by NASA Robots on Mars discovered three locations nitric oxide.

NASA sent the space robot 'Curiosity' Martian soil and rocks in the existing modern laboratory facilities to analyze samples for lab analysis and Associate Mars (SAM) devices for the first time on Mars nitric oxide is revealed.

Curiosity is associated with the nitric oxide experts made up of nitrates is their lightning on Mars in the past or were caused by the collision of shabyun, nitric oxide samples of Mars famous pit, which met Gail Creator It is believed that on here in the past, there was a river or lake.

The note also made another important discovery on Mars called 'fatty acid' is called, the fatty acids of all living kylat (s) make the film, but it does not necessarily follow that any life exists there through because they may also cause other chemical methods.

The space robot rover landed on Mars on August 6, 2012, the operations of which are still on Mars.

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