The Distinction between Night and Day

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How beautiful this universe this? Its beauty lies in its calculated precise chemistry. There can be some disorder in man made setup but accuracy of mechanism of this cosmos is above board as Allah is the supreme of this comes.





Allah offers different phenomenal illustrations to explain abstract facts as period of day and night. The period of time from sun rising to sun setting is called day and from sun setting to sun rising is called night.





Through this, Allah wants to make us realize that there is a purpose in the man. To meet this purpose he does not care day and night. All times he focused to achieve his object o all the night are days for him. He has no any goal in his life. Expect eating and drinking there is nothing for him to do in his life so there is no difference in his life and insect’s life. Because they have nothing to do eating or drinking in whole life. For one who is having without any goal, his whole life is night for him. Every person should set a goal in his life. So he can become a successful person in the front of life.


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