The Door Attacked Me (Nightmare Sequence)

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It was around two in the afternoon.  My body felt heavy and it gravitated towards the nearest bed.  With no strength to resist, I surrendered to the inevitable.  I lay down.  With this much need for rest, I did not expect what would happen next.

Paralyzed!  With non-physical chains tying me down in my bed.  My body cannot move.  The mind is awake, in full function!  I am trapped in the realm between sleep and wake.  A tune then played into my ears. A child hummed a song.  In this state, I felt like the song from the child is a harbringer of harm.  It fades in and out.  

The hairs on my arms stood on end.  If they gain a will, they will escape from my skin and then hid. Then bam! The door escaped from its hinges and inced towards me.  Bam!  One step.  Bam!  Another.  A few more repetitive banging on the floor tiles and then it is right beside me. Right beside my paralyzed body.  The door has no eyes, but I felt a stare.  Like it is examining me.  For what reason? For what reason?

It moved forward and a sharp edge of the door hit my foot.  I can feel the wood grain move on my left foot.  It hurts!  I cannot escape.  Then I snapped out of the nightmare.  With sweat on my brow, I sat up and looked at my door.  I locked the deadbolt and the knobs.  An irrational reaction, but such nightmare can get people.

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