The economy of Afghanistan

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  The base of a country is economy, to have a strong government we should have a strong economy. Afghanistan is a poor country but it is not the poorest. It’s a mountainous country, so it has a lot of mines for example: iron, copper, salt, gold, uranium, coal and …

  This country had a good economy when “Mohammad Zahir Shah” the former king of Afghanistan was on power as well as it was good whenDawood Khan was on power but the condition changed after 1977 when the Afghanistan civil war started and its economy became worse and worse and the worst Afghanistan’s economy period was 1995 to 2001.

  In 2002 in Bonn conference international community vowed Afghanistan around (70 billion dollars). Despite the international community poured billions of dollars to this country still this country is poor in economy and this landlocked country is still dependent on foreign aid.  About 80% of the people in Afghanistan suffer from shortages of electricity, housing, clean water and…

  But there are many good points too:                                                                                                                                Afghanistan has a lot of brave and honorable people to work for these country also natural sources to improve its economy. After years the nation of Afghanistan has independence in the recent 10 years and their economy recovered after the fall of the Taliban regime. Service sector and agricultural sectors grew up, Afghanistan is an agricultural country and its main source of income is agriculture. This country produces enough food products like: corn, rice, barley, wheat, vegetables, nuts and fruits. Afghanistan’s industrial items are: furniture, shoes and etc.

  Its main harbors are: Shearkhaan, Hairataan, Islaamqala, Tourghondey, Spinbooldak and Toorkham. Afghanistan doesn’t have any waterways (harbors) to export outside and import inside the merchandise; in this case we have high prices of goods in Afghanistan.

  The people are now optimistic about afghan future because the foreign traders have come and invested millions of dollars in Afghanistan and also the afghan traders.




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This is Taj Muhammad Anwari, son of Abdul Wali. I was born on 22/8/1981 in Heart Afghanistan, from 1983 to 1992 I lived in Kabul with my family, and then we returned to Heart province. I studied primary school in Kabul and I continued the remnant in Heart and…

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