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The demographic composition of the world is undergoing transformation, which will change the face of the world in the next century. The world is graying and this process is accelerated and intensified by the decreasing birth rate and mortality rate, and increasing longevity of life. This change is going to affect the social and economics lives of human beings to a great extant. However, the world is not ageing conformal. The demographic transition values from one region to another and from one country to another in the same region. Further, the impact of aging process on the social and economic level of people too is going to be different for different countries depending on social fabric, cultural values and the economic structure of the society. Some of the people will have long lives, and some will have short lives, with ferocity, environment and luck, all playing important roles. We are all ageing, not only individually, but also a whole population. Ageing, irreversible biological changes that occur in all living things with the passage of time eventually result in death, although all organisms age, rates of ageing very considerably. Among humans the effects of ageing vary from one individual to another.

Elder’s problems in the Pakistani society

The same changing trend in the living patterns and the change in the culture and norms and values of the society are also affecting homeland Pakistan too much in various aspects especially in the old aged people who need a special love and care in their last age of the lives. And the people especially in Pakistani youth are going on worst change due to many factor about the care and service of the their parents and the elders in the home and all over the society which is a chronic issue of the time in the country and which is also converting society to a modernism from a traditional and collective approach to individual approaches in the society.

Youth is following the modern societies and their norms and values in  own society and they are going so far from  tradition and culture and are adopting their culture in the daily life in Pakistan so the issue of the old age persons is going on increasing day by day but there is no hard and fast rule and regulations to control or to facilitate these honorable people and so wise people in the country and societies are not getting any proper benefits by their vast experiences of their lives in the practical.


With social economic changes and cultural changes in our country old people and especially the retired persons are facing a lot of the problems as physical,   mentally, isolation, financial, love and care, food and dress, in their daily life and sometimes they are so wealthy but still they have a lot of the problems in their lives as they have some psychological and isolation problems by which they are not satisfy at all and they need some support and cooperation in their retired lives so in this research all these problems faced by old retired persons have  been studied and find out the factors for increasing of these problems in the world and especially in the Pakistani cultural context.


We should have some studies in the area to find out the social and economic and as well as psychological problems of the older people in society and by the findings it is felt bitterly to solve the problems of the capital of the nation in the society. So for this following steps will be helpful for them through the research work.

1    To find out the real reasons behind these problems in the society.

 2   To make the research as on actual facts for which it should be replicated.

 3  To shows the problems at national level through articles of research papers.

  4  The research should be done at different levels and in different societies to find the reality of the problems.

   5   The researcher should publish these researches to aware off the people of the area.

   6  There should be researches using different research methods to dig out the hidden reasons behind these problems.


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