The emerging face of women in Afghanistan

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Roya Mahboob is an inspiration for women, especially in Afghanistan. In a land that has been savaged by war and civil injustices, women have been deprived. There are restrictions on them in every aspect and independence has been a distant concept to them. Perhaps this is why what Roya has done is exemplary and sets an example for many others.

 A refugee in Iran till as late as 2003, Roya faced up to her challenges and earned a university degree in computer sciences. She put her education to good use and set up a software development company in Herat. What sets this company apart is its high population of female employees. Roya wanted to empower the women of Afghanistan and so provided jobs for women who could thus become financially independent.

 The journey however, hasn’t been smooth for either Roya or her employees. Regular threats, roadblocks and complains have become common in their lives. However, these feisty women, with support from their families and male co-workers, are going strong and delivering software solutions to hospitals and other organizations across the country. Roya’s firm, Afghan Citadel Software Company, has worked closely with the NATO as well. Apart from this, Roya also runs a successful NGO that empowers widows to earn their livelihood by weaving carpets.

 Enterprising, inspiring and brave, Roya Manboob draws her inspiration from Queen Gaur Shad, the famous Afghan ruler. She hasn’t let her determination fail and has realized her vision. From driving her own car to chairing her own organization, this Afghan woman is a true role model to the suppressed women of her country.

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