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 Approximately 1 in 5 South Korean women aged 18-49 have gone under the knife with cosmetic surgery according Trend Monitor’s 2009 survey. What’s interesting is that the majority of surgeries are considered “Westernizing” procedures such as rhinoplasty (nose jobs) and blepharoplasty (eyelid lifts). What’s even more fascinating is that the elderly population is more likely to push cosmetic surgery on the younger generation.

Now, is this right? The truth is there is not right or wrong answer since we all have our personal opinions and values so my goal is to play Devil’s advocate and look at both ends of the spectrum. On the one hand we have those who are highly supportive of plastic surgery, both young and elderly.

Now everyone’s reason for going under the knife may be different but one of the main reasons for cosmetic surgery across the globe is to look more “attractive” and appealing according to the desired societal standards of beauty.

Some even view cosmetic surgery as a natural procedure in order to advance one’s career in highly judgmental environment (think Julie Chen); especially in certain Asian communities where career advancement is the only method of showing success to your family and community.

Now on the other hand of the spectrum, we have those who believe it is highly unethical and nobody should change the way they look in order to fit “the mold” constructed by society. Well, no they shouldn’t but let’s look at this ‘conflict’ with beauty on a global scale.

Everywhere you look women (primarily) in one country are fighting tooth and nail to look like women in a different country. For instance, certain women in India or parts of Africa “bleach” their skin in order to achieve the “perfect color”. Sounds crazy but it’s the norm.

Meanwhile, in Western world, the majority of Caucasian women struggle to get the “perfect tan” without peeling so hundreds of thousands go to extremely unhealthy tanning salons to remain tan all year round, risking cancer for the sake of “beauty”.

All I’m trying to say is beauty is overrated. We are all beautiful in our own very unique ways, which is what makes us…us. Hope this helps!

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