The Evolution of the "Little Black Dress" with André Leon Talley

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André Leon Talley is known to the world as many things, a brand, a style icon, and a top influencer. Now when you think of André Leon, you can also add author to the list. With over 40 years under his belt in the world of fashion, André Leon Talley is perhaps most well known as the former editor-at-large at American Vogue magazine. The Lab’s Arthur Kade was lucky enough to sit down with Talley to discuss his new book "Little Black Dress". "Little Black Dress" was birthed out of an exhibit that he curated at the Savannah College of Art and Design's Museum of Art. For a year André Leon worked on the exhibit in order to give the gallery, which was named after himself, something groundbreaking to house.Talley describes the book as his personal journey through what a little black dress is. He discusses how the meaning of the little black dress has changed throughout the history of fashion. André Leon states that the little black dress is security and an investment to a woman. From Norma Kamali to Tom Ford, he explains the diverseness and growth of the interpretation that the little black dress has come to be to date. André Leon recollects being in New York during the 1970’s, while working at Andy Warhol’s Magazine, Interview. He takes us through the evolution of the culture of fashion, and states that it is more closely followed today than ever before. While on the subject of today’s style Icons, Talley got a chance to debunk the myth that Michelle Obama has fashion pieces selected for her, he says “we do what she wants to wear”. He compares Michelle Obama’s fashion to that of Jackie O’s, saying such style Icons liberate themselves by their approach to fashion with “intense influence”. Talley also names Beyoncé, Rihanna , Anna Wintour, and Madonna as the top fashion influencers of today. And when asked about his staple piece Kaftans, André Leon stated that  he has been wearing them since college, but credits Marc Jacobs with giving him the courage to be free in them.


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