The Evolution of Wedding Dresses over the Century

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The Evolution of Wedding Dresses over the Century

A wedding dress is the most memorable garment of a woman all the days of her life.  The dress is valued above the invitations, the cake, the flower, the list of dignitaries, the entourage, the money realized after the wedding, the gifts from friends and loved ones. The dress is just invaluable to be compared with any other thing.  


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The wedding dress is the symbol of a bride honour. In a way, a sense of achievement, a sense of appreciation and respect to the groom and anyone she holds dear.  Recently, a masterpiece named the

Nightingale of Kuala Lumpur

created by Malaysian designer Faisol Abdullah  is making ways online. The wedding dress has 751 diamonds, with a price tag of $30 Million.

Recently world celebrated marriage of Meghan Markle and  Prince Harry, we saw the bride wore a wedding dress designed by the British Fashion Designer Clare Waight Kelle,  and a veil, a sweet nod to Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation Gown.

An artistic director of the Fashion house Givenchy a true simple masterpiece for the Dutches of Sussex.  It makes her look beautiful, her beauty is undeniable!  Prince Henry also confirm it on that day by saying

You look amazing, I missed you The wedding dress brings out the beauty of all ladies. It gives them the radiant they need in her life, as they embark on the journey of the marriage institution.

A Glimpse into the Past of Wedding Dress

Over the past century, American bride has worn every shape, fit and colour gown as a wedding dress. White has never been the colour from the beginning of wedding. Among the history of weddings and wedding dress, one stood above all. The Panhu wedding.

Panhu was not a man, but being loyal and courageous he promised to become one upon vanquishing the enemy so he could marry the princess. He succeeded, changed into human form and was engaged to the emperor's daughter. To make sure the union was a lucky one, the empress dressed the princess in a beautiful phoenix dress and phoenix crown and Panhu carried his bride off to live in the southern mountains

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The tradition of wearing a white dress by the bride can be traced to Queen Victoria in 1840 when she rocked lacy, ivory-coloured silk satin. This has now become a norm in early 19th, 20th and 21st century.

The 20-year-old Queen has now left a legacy that has seen more than a century of recognition and general acceptance, the white dress wedding gown.

The Evolution of Wedding Dress

In the past century, the shape, size, fit and colour of wedding dress have been changing. This can equally be termed the evolution of wedding dress. It all began as far back as when wedding itself is instituted.

Furthermore, from wearing any cloth, most beautiful cloth, to the era of Queen Victoria which shows a remarkable change in the way brides dressed on their wedding day.

The dressing change with time according to stylewe in an article titled A Dramatic Evolution of wedding dresses in 100 years.

The White Wedding Dress

Trending fashion has contributed to how the wedding dress of today looks like. The 19th-century white dress wedding gowns of the Renaissance periods and the middle ages can be associated with many factors which include World War I & II.


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The white wedding gown is associated with purity and virginity. Although, many people urged about the colour of white as a sign of purity and virginity. Some wedding mythology and traditions have kept the bride from wearing any other colour other than white. 

Despite this, why should a non-virgin never wear a white wedding dress? This, however, does not stop the non-virgins to wear white.


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Wearing a white dress on the wedding day is now gradually becoming the norm. therefore

You can blame Queen Victoria for the white wedding dress


In as much as many brides wore a white dress on their wedding day, we may not know the reason why Queen Victoria wore white on her wedding day.


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Although it is sentimental to think of only the bride as a virgin and neglecting the groom,  it should be clearly understood, the white colour is interpreted with deep and resounding meaning in the heart of many, but only a few have achieved that meaning. And the now meaning of wearing the white dress is 

It is an emblem of purity and innocence of girlhood, and the unsullied hearts she now yields to the chosen one

Godey’s Lady's Book 

The meaning associated with white colour from the above statement cannot be disputed, overlook or kickoff. It means a lot to the lady on her wedding day.

How the Wedding Dress Continued To Change Over the Decades

Whether we are deciding on the voluminous white in the Western bridal magazines, the Red from China brides, South Sudan and Singapore, whatsoever the colour are, the white colour seems to be the dominant colour.


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But if you are wondering how to select the colour, the day, the month of your wedding, please consider….

Married in white, you will have chosen all right. Married in grey, you will go far away. Married in black, you will wish yourself back. Married in red, you’ll wish yourself dead. Married in blue, you will always be true. Married in pearl, you’ll live in a whirl. Married in green, ashamed to be seen, Married in yellow, ashamed of the fellow. Married in brown, you’ll live out of town. Married in pink, your spirits will sink


Expensive Wedding Dress

From royal brides to commoners all over the world, they all took ample amount of time to select their own wedding dress. The perfect fit, the perfect design money can buy.  Every woman does this to look stunning at her wedding day. After all, it is a memorable day in her life.

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This remarkably memorable day-dress has become a source of extortion for so many designers. A Nigerian wedding dress designer has left a bride out of words to express her disappointment. But, this does not stop wearing the best white dress money can buy by the bride to mark a historical day in her life. What a wonder!


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Over the years, this Top  Most expensive Wedding Dress: diamond, silk & platinum has stood above all other dress.

On a finale note

I don’t really think wedding dresses are about being expensive or cheap. They are about looking beautiful, presentable and extraordinary. Bringing out the inner beauty in the lady, it shouldn’t be exorbitant and cost a fortune. It should be affordable and appreciable.



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