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Emergency number for the global mobile phones is 112 If you are outside the activities of your mobile phone when you dial 112 from your phone will automatically detect any networks which are activities in the region and d uM emergency transfer for you. It is notable that although the machine button panel is locked, you still press the number 112 ... do not believe you should give it a try!

Forgot your keys in the car

Your vehicle unlock system remote keyless (remote keyless entry), right? If there is very convenient. When you forget the keys in the car and if you leave spare keys are at home, use your cell phone to call home. Then make sure to take your phone away from your car door 1 set (about 30 cm) and the requirements of your house get the key provisions to close their phone and click "unlock". Thus, the door will open m à you from having to remember to bring someone to drive your keys to. Distance is not a problem even if you're hundreds of miles from the star crown at home you have the phone receiver and you have to key "remote" in the vehicle.

Mobile phone battery was weak

Assuming the battery of your mobile phone is too weak. Want to reactivate the battery you press * 3370 #. Mobile will use battery power reserve and a further 50% increase in power. Until you "recharge" the computer then power stocks are also rechargeable.

Mobile phone stolen

Want to check the serial number (serial number) of your mobile phone, you press * # 06 #. 15-digit code will appear, write down and keep it carefully.

If your phone is stolen, you can call the phone company and let them know the above code. They will "lock" (block) your machine back up though stealer has changed the SIM card, then your computer is completely useless. But you did not pick up the machine, but at least you know that no one can use / sell your machine


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