The Fallen “Heroes”?

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(TFH Part One)

The Philippine Government and the Muslim authorities (MILF/BIFF) agreed to have “peace” by coordinating with each other in every action committed by both sides in order to have harmony and avoid misunderstanding. But one day, without any prior notice to anybody, as opposed to what has been agreed, the Philippine Force went to capture two of the most wanted persons of NBI with millions of reward to whoever can capture them. They are some kind of Muslim officers and they were under the protection of the either MILF or BIFF, I’m not sure which one.

So this is what happened. The Philippine Force as they were on their way to the campground of the wanted persons under the care of the MILF/BIFF, they were spotted by the lookouts of the MILF/BIFF. Thinking that the Philippine Force brings harm to their part, the MILF/BIFF immediately fired and massacred the 45 Philippine Force troopers and the 44 died, only 1 escaped.

After that incident, the Filipinos now called those who died as the “Fallen 44” and considered them heroes. Seriously? Why would I call them heroes? Just because they died in a battle where in the first place it was their fault or their commander’s fault why would they send the troops in a very delicate mission.




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