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I read out the whole story. This is the story of the great love of father with his son. This is the true story made me cry. The boy is a good player of football but his small height he cannot play football because he could not select in the football team.

So he play in his ground alone with great discouraged But his father encouraged every time. He claps of his every short and every move. The height of the boy is too small but he never loses heart because the continuously encouraged of his father. One day the boy submits his form in college football team. When the result came so he began to wept with the happiness that he has selected in the college football team. So he came back he told his father the whole story and his father was very happy on his son.

When he came to the coach of the team his coach has selected him as an extra player of the team due to his short height but boy happy because he had selected in the team. The many matches played but he cannot play the any match so he worried.

One day he was doing his practice in ground. One boy gave him the news of his father’s death. The hurried went to father and cried. He lost his father now.

 One day the match was playing by the college team. Like his other days he was sitting as extra player. The match was in very bad condition. His coach was very upset when the one player injured. The coach told the boy to play in the team. So the 1st time boy plays in match and played very well and won the match except his small height. The coach and other team members were very happy on success. But the boy was crying. The coach asked the reason. He told I could not play in team so I became hopeless but my father encouraged me. u know sir my father was blind. So I am crying because when I did not chance to play in team my father could not see me. when I have chance now to play in the team and my father can see me how i play very well and I have won the match sir………..!!!!

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