The female Afghan students are walking on snow covered streets toward Digital Literacy classes

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This week is a very different week for our students. Herat is fully covered with snow and everywhere is white and beautiful. It has been a long time it has not snowed in Herat and this snow brought a lot of joys with itself (but of course not for everyone in a county like Afghanistan). Children are playing with each other on the streets, some people are making snowmen and some are taking pictures. Regardless of the Afghanistan’s election, cabinet and security situation, this snow is like a sign of happiness for the people.


This week due to the cold weather and snow the Women Annex Foundation was expecting the women empowerment and Digital Literacy classes to have fewer students but still the classes were full and the program is going on as it was planned.

The fully covered snow city brings different messages for Afghan girls. Asma one of the students said “As an Afghan girl white is the color of peace for me. I cannot explain my emotions with words. My country was encountered with war for decades and the only color we witnessed was dark black and the color of blood.” She continued “Seeing all the nature in white clothes gives me peace and calmness.”

Sonia Afzalia student of Malike Jalali High School said “Whenever it snows everyone is happy and the only thing you can see in people’s eyes is happiness.

I think snowy days are the days which God is merciful on us and he is burying all problems and difficulties under this white covering.”

Last week a quiz was taken from all classses to evaluate the level of undrestanding of students, the results were very good  and it shows that the Women Annex Foundation is on the right path and giving the Afghan girls what need really seek for. The result of the exam was announced for the students this week and almost all the students were really pleased with the marks they obtained. Following we list the names of students who got the Best Grades marks:

MahjubaHerawi high School

1-      Asama

2-      Sonia

Mirman hayai High School

1-      Roiada

2-      Asama

3-      Shabana

4-      Mariam

5-      Sahar

Ali Sher Nawaie High school

1-      Sonia

2-      Zarghona

3-      Nazakat

4-      Parisa

Abdullah Hatifi High School

1-      Razita

2-      Waida

3-      Zahara

4-      Laleh

5-      Husna

Malake Jalali High School

1-      Sonia ‘Afzali’

2-      Fatima ‘Sarwari’

3-      Rodaba ‘Nori’

4-      Saghar ‘Nabizada’

Hozakarbaz High School

1-      Asibah ‘Khalili’

2-      Parisa ‘Ebrahimi’

3-      Hamida ‘MOhammadi’

Ghouhar shad begoum High school

1-      Yagana

2-      Shakila

3-      Roihina

4-      Romisa

5-      Somiya

6-      Lilima

7-      Sahar

8-      Fatima

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I am laleh farzan from Afghanistan I graduated from Computer Science faculty of Herat University now I am doing Msc(computer Science) in India.

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