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Petite Fleur by Jaro Minne

20-year old Belgian filmmaker, Jaro Minne, joined Film Annex's online film distribution platform only a few months ago. His shorts are now amongst my favorites in our catalog, and I'd like to take the opportunity to explain why.The other day, I was talking to a friend of mine who is a producer, and we were going over a 20-page script. While I was arguing that 20 pages weren't enough to tell the story, he was saying that the story could easily be told in 1 page. I think some people are just better at identifying the core of a story, while others like to take their time and dance around it. Like everything else, it comes down to a choice, and if you have the ability to simplify things, they're all the more powerful.

After watching Jaro Minne's films, I realized that he is one of those filmmakers who possess that kind of skill. His longest film on Film Annex is about 7 minutes, and the rest are even shorter. Yet, they achieve what many feature-length films don't. They're to the point, extremely compelling, and more like fragments of life than fictitious stories. I've always thought of Cassavetes' films as fragments of life, and that's why I've been attracted to them. I think of Minne's films the same way. Watching his films is like watching a bunch of people interacting in real life. There's nothing extraordinary happening. There are no special effects, car chases, or alien invasions. It's just people interacting, and that to me is always more fascinating than a car chase.

To me, the biggest strength of Jaro Minne as a filmmaker is his ability to present the ordinary in an interesting way. It seems like he doesn't feel the need to turn the story into a comedy to make it funny or a thriller to make it more disturbing. What's funny or disturbing already comes through pretty successfully just by good acting and clever storytelling. 

Take a look at some of Jaro Minne's films below and let me know what you think. I'd like to start a discussion aboutyour favorite type of storytelling, whether it's situational, fantastical, or comical.

Regarde-Moi (Look at Me)


- Eren

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