The First blog with my students here in "Mano Amiga de Chalco" with Digital Citizen Fund.

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Hey! well the last two weeks have been a really hard but great experience, we started with the #womensannex project in #manoamigadechalco with the entire high school level, they started writing about Mexico, Estado de Mexico and Valle de Chalco, it was really interesting because their point of view about the country and the city where they live and where the school is is totaly different in many cases, they are young but they are totally concious what is happening here in Mexico talking about the security and social problems but they don´t forget everything that we have in other aspects, aspects that are good and show a wonderful side about what Mexico could be in other perspective.


The last tuesday i started with the fourth grade of high school, the male group, we were working on their writing exercises for almost two weeks, most of them have no idea because they think that write in another lanuage is really difficult, here is my student Alejandro, at the first sight he has no idea what to write or say but he tried to do his best, i will continue with this, because it's a really good way to share my experiences about what me and my students are doing here in "Mano Amiga Chalco" #manoamigachalco.


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