The First School Activity of my #greatkid: National Children's Book Reading Day

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I have a child who is very lovable. I call him #greatkid. He is the type that every parent would love to have. He is in grade one now and luckily passed the qualifying examination for the Special Science Elementary School. I am very happy that he was one of the delegates of the National Children's Book Reading Day sponsored by the Sm-A very prestigious mall here in our country. My #greatkid was one of them. I am very proud that he was among those chosen child from their school






It was started with a simple program. The children are attentively listening with the speaker. They came from a different school. And their school got the highest number of participants. It was really wonderful that he was one among them. The activities compose of story reading then a short activity to test their comprehension. I was there too to watch my kid and I am happy that he is doing well during the event. He actively participated in the discussion. and he is too excited to listen






After the discussion, the most awaited part begins...well That is for me. the distribution of the foods bought from Jolibbee-the most appealing fastfood for kids. As expected they are very happy to have one. Jolibee has really been a part of every Filipino children childhood memories. Any Filipino who can read this blog you can oppose me if I'm wrong





They are enjoying the food. Greatkid team loves to eat their food and they are really too noisy while eating. They are happy I suppose. As you can see their facial exp[ressions.Greatkid got a smile in his face as he looked with his food




And finally, the event is a very successful one as the kids showed their token from the National Bookstore. It is a book and

some school supplies. This is the first activity Greatkid joined when he transferred in his present school



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